Certified Instructor Workshop Agreement

Overview of Agreement:

 This agreement is for using the space at Cuyamungue. A member of the certified instructor network may conduct a workshop at the Institute with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Once the deposit is received, the Institute will announce the workshop on the CI website calendar and also include it in the CI newsletter as well. CI provides a links to the instructor. The instructor handles all marketing, registration, collection of money and logistics of their own workshop.

It is recommended that the instructor to set up their own individual PayPal account for direct payment from student.

Costs: The Institute facilities are available to Certified Instructors in good standing for a flat fee of $50. per student per day. The typical workshop fee for a three day course is $395.00 per student. For example, 8 students would generate $3160 in gross income. Using the same example the institute fee would equal $1200.00  Most workshops start with a half day (evening) and ends with a half a day (noon) – using the above formula, two half days equal one workshop day. So a workshop running from Thursday evening til Sunday noon is a considered a three day workshop.

Deposits and Fees: Instructors need to submit a $100 deposit, for a workshop in order to hold the space, which will be factored into the instructor’s final payment. If the workshop is canceled, the deposit will be non-refundable and become a “donation” to CI.

Our Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation Form

Liability of the Instructor(s): Unfortunately, no matter how diligent you are about teaching appropriate ritual posture technique, Professional Liability lawsuits involving bodily injury or allegations of sexual harassment against you can still happen at any time.
Instructors Liability Form


1. The CI website has introductory materials. Workshop Setting, Guest Guide, Santa Fe attractions, Driving Directions etc.
2. Instructor will issued a single payments prior to the beginning of the workshop.
3. Institute will announce the workshop on the CI website calendar and also include it in the CI newsletter.
4. Instructor will submit a request for use of space, with dates, a signed rental agreement plus deposit 6 months in advance.
5. Instructor will provide Admin with email addresses for advertising distribution.
6. In the event the instructor wishes to offer a free class to an attendee, or a bartering agreement between instructor and student is reached, the regular cost of $50. per day for the individual(s) will still be owed to the institute and cancellation fees apply.
7. Instructor will be responsible for advertising and promotion, hard copy mailings and promotion for their local area.
8. Instructor will arrive early enough to prepare spaces, which may include light cleaning of sleeping and ceremony areas.
9. Instructor will be responsible for food and materials purchase, such as masked dance items, meal planning, cooking and clean up.
10. Instructor will be responsible for attendees adhering to Cuyamungue land and water policies.
11. Institute will provide cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, duster, mop and broom.
12.Instructor will make sure that sleeping areas, kiva, and grounds are clean before leaving.
13. All contact information of the attendees will be shared with Cuyamungue Institute .