Thank you for hosting your workshop here at The Cuyamungue Institute. The facilities must be left ready for the next event. A $200 cleaning fee deposit is collected beforehand. This covers the cost of the cleaning crew. You have the option of cleaning all the buildings yourself, in which case the deposit will be returned to you in full or in part. 

Hummingbird Feeders: During your stay, please keep the feeders well stocked with a mixture of 4:1 Water:Sugar. Use the purified water and scrub the inside of the feeder bottles thoroughly with small scrubbing tool set hanging in kitchen. Keep the moats filled to avoid ants invading.
Water: As you replace the five gallon jugs on the water dispensers, wipe down the upper part of the jug to prevent dust from entering the cistern. Instruct students that ice, water, coffee and tea without sugar or salt may be given to the aloe vera plants rather than poured down the drains. (Some add a pinch of salt to water to restore electrolytes) 

Pests: Instruct students that doors and/or screen doors must be closed at all times to prevent entry of snakes, scorpions, flies and other pests. All food must be stored in the kitchen and not in the other buildings. Do not leave food out on counters as ants will find it, and they are hard to get rid of. Daily, during the workshop, the dining tables should be wiped down and floors under them swept to prevent build-up of crumbs that will attract ants. As you clean up, be watchful for pests. 
Details of post-workshop cleaning instructions:

Kitchen:Empty all recyclables from the kitchen and recycle bins into garbage bags and place outside kitchen door.Do the dishes.Return pots and pans and other items to their cupboards and shelves.Wipe down refrigerator shelvesWipe down all countersSweep the floor and scrub greasy spots with dish soap. Gather all kitchen towels that need laundering and place on counter.Remove trash from bin, tie off, place in outside trash area, and put in new trash bag.

Bathrooms: Clean sinks and showers.Wipe down counters.Clean mirrors.Sweep floors.Remove trash from bin, tie off, place in outside trash area, and put in new trash bag.Bring all towels to wheeled laundry bin. 
Student Building:Wipe down tables and chairsReturn chairs to tables and tuck inSweep floors, paying particular attention to under the tables.
Shade House:Wipe down outside table and chairs.Stack chairs.
Sleeping Quarters:Collect all linens and bag in the pillow cases. Place at kitchen back door.Wipe down furnitureClean mirrorsSweep thoroughlyRemove any trash, bag, bring to kitchen back door.Secure doors as you leave.

Kiva:Remove all personal items.Stack pillows and sleeping bags. Sweep floors.

Hall of the Thunderbirds: Stack yoga mats, chairs, pillows and sleeping bags.Remove all personal itemsReturn any cups or water glasses to kitchen.Remove any trash, tie off bag, bring to kitchen back door.Sweep floors.