Cuyamungue Explorers Club

The Cuyamungue Explorers Club is an opportunity for advanced practitioners of the Cuyamunugue Method to work directly with new posture verification, their solicitation and selection and documentation. The Cuyamungue Explorers Club task is to coordinate this research, document the results and further the foundational research developed by Dr. Goodman.

In keeping with the mission of the Cuyamungue Institute, we are dedicated to on-going research with ritual postures. The Cuyamungue Explorers Club continues the development of the Cuyamungue Method by researching ritual postures and the including educational programming that unites, practice, education, and research, promotion of completion and publication of research, further building this evidence-based practice and facilitating utilization of research findings in practice.


There are two main ways to participate in the Cuyamungue Explorers Club:

  1. In Person – from time to time we schedule gatherings to explore new postures as a group.
  2. Synchronized Event – a day and time is chosen to do a posture as a group – from different locations.

Participate Requirements: a minimum attendancea one- 3 day intensive workshop conducted by a certified instructor of the Cuyamungue Method.

From time-to-time we also add a CI Explorers gathering on short notice, If you meet the requirements and live within driving distance of CI, we can add you to our list to be notified.  Contact Paul Robear for more information

As with all non-profit institutions – donations are encouraged.Contact us