Diane Scott

Diane Scott- Masked Trance Dance 2016

Laura and I, and all who knew Diane, are deeply saddened her passing. She was an inspiration with her insight and dedication to the practice of Ecstatic Trance Postures. A certified instructor, Diane served on the Board of Directors of CI and worked directly with Dr. Goodman to write and produce the CI newsletters in the late 1990’s and the early 2000’s — in the days when newsletters were printed on paper and mailed. We appreciate all the work that went into those newsletters and they are an important part of the CI Archives. Diane also made her mark at CI with the magnificent bear sculpture standing guard behind the Kiva, and talked fondly of building the sculpture while Felicitas looked on from the comfort of a lawn chair and sun umbrella. Diane remained active at CI, attending the International Centennial Celebration in 2014 and in 2016 she joined us for the Masked Trance Dance. We send her husband Jack our deepest condolences, and our thanks for the photo below and her obituary.

Diane, your presence will be missed. Your inspiration we will treasure.

Diane Marie Scott (Drake) was born September 29, 1942 in Glendale, California to Charlie and Dora Campbell. She was the youngest of three daughters with adventurous and artistic abilities. Early years were highlighted by fishing trips with her father on chartered fishing boats. She graduated from Newport Beach High School.

Diane was married twice and had 2 sons Terry Scott and Rama Payne. They lived in Hawaii and loved their Oceanside home where they raised goats, horses and many agriculture products and made a line of swim wear. Diane had a insatiable appetite for knowledge reading multiple books at the same time and embarking upon the study of many eclectic disciplines like guitar playing, ceramics, musical drumming, painting, gardening, sewing, and bird watching. She a had endless sense of adventure always ready for the next trip to some far flung locale. Diane was also a loving mother of her two sons and enjoyed a vast array of friends from all walks of life. Along the way she even had time to earn a black belt in Aikido

Later, she moved back to the mainland to live in the Mt Shasta area of northern California. In another move, Diane studied art at U.C. Davis where she earned a masters degree in Art History.

Diane had a strong spiritual quest throughout life and studied eastern spiritual ways of India along with traditional Native American religious practices. Diana was an instructor of Ecstatic Trance Postures, certified by the Cuyamunge Institute near Santa Fe New Mexico. Her mentor was anthropologist and linguist Felicitas Goodman. Diane was a fine teacher with deep insight who helped many people in their journey of self discovery and believed that real power does not allow for the birth of enemies.

Diane met Jack Satkoski In March of 1997 in Lima Peru in one of the many Inca art museums. Jack had hired a taxi for the day to museum hop. It was both their last day of extensive South America travel. Their connection was immediate and strong. Jack was a career geologist interested in art and Diane an artist loving the natural world.

After teaching at several California Colleges Diana moved to Sandpoint Idaho to embark on a committed relationship with Jack. They lived at Bottle Bay near warm and friendly neighbors with like minded appreciation of the beauty of North Idaho. Diane and Jack continued their travel adventures to include Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Diane taught online art history courses for Ed-To-Go that prepared European travelers for the wonders of art to see and appreciate.

Diane began suffering from seizures in January 2013 that was caused by a rare brain tumor called oligodendrogliomas. Surgery successfully removed most of tumor and gave her quality life for a number of years. By May 2019 however Diane’s health began to fail and by September she was in home care attended by Jennifer Ball and Bridget Manley two great processionals loving her every minute.

She passed away October 27 at Schneidmiller Hospice house in Coeur d’ Alene surrounded by family and friends. She will be missed my many.

Diane is survived by her two sons Terry Scott, Rama Payne, and sister Irene Haynes

We will meet again to continue our journey across the Cosmos.