Experience – Calling the Spirits

by Isabela Victoria Diaz

Editor’s Note: We received the letters on a regular basis from people who want to share their experiences . It is thrilling for us to receive communication from people around the world about their practice, and how they found this work. From time-to-time we share some of these experiences with our newsletter subscribers.  Here, we want to thank Isabela Victoria Diaz for writing us, and for permission to share her insightful description of her experiences and impact on her life.

My experience of the “Calling of the Spirits” posture was as follows:

I assumed the posture and in my mind asked to be released of anything not for my highest good in all directions of time & space. I then invited Higher Beings to come in…they did and immediately aligned my posture so that I became comfortable and relaxed.

The question then came to my mind….”who taught them this posture originally?”  I got a sense of other worldly Beings.
My body very subtly began to rotate in a clockwise comforting movement…small, even and gentle and I got the vision of many standing in a cave or room or circle gathered together all rotating as if one cauldron being mixed into One with the Universe and almost felt that this process they did together was an intricate part of creating something together..they were the cauldron so to speak with the Universe.  I then felt heat, a kind a heat I am familiar with when a Higher Spirit is present then a welling up from my feet traveling up my body of euphoric energy and then a “crying heart” feeling of “going home”, as if I was in the space with them all doing this together as one…in this time while back in the time they existed.   It was brief yet powerful and again my desire to know who had taught this posture came in again  for I felt they were connecting… bringing me in ….connecting in an unspoken communication.

The session ended and I felt very peaceful oh and right before the alarm I set for 15 minutes went off they told me to turn off all the alarms I set on my phone for I hold time to tightly and try to control too much.

That is the end of my posture review but I will share with you how I came to visit your site for the first time today:  For over the last 7 years I meet with a group of the same women about once every 6 weeks.  We are an experimental group and do what are called attunements, DNA activations, and have the Higher Beings work on us in a way that we personally need so that we can align with our Souls and walk in this life as light…there is no agenda or dogma or human doing this so it aligns for me.

Since my last group meeting a week ago on Saturday I have been shown myself working with others (looked like mainly women) in special spiritual postures but I also saw non-speaking walking in a graceful circular fashion as part of this journey.  I have no idea why I am being shown this but decided to explore more for I have learned to respect what I am shown.  It reminded me of an experience I had years ago…maybe 15 years I think around the time I was becoming a hypnotherapist… a friend that was my weekly hypnotherapy practice volunteer took me to a women that led these special trance postures in Santa Cruz by the name of Elsa that I knew nothing about.  I have never forgotten this experience…she told us nothing about the posture and then after we completed the posture session we all shared.  I knew not that this posture was from the Mayans nor did I really know anything about the Mayans at the time but during this posture I remember being a Shaman and could describe and experience how I looked and felt vividly.  I don’t remember everything but what stuck out the most was I was male and at the end of the journey I believe surrounded by others but could have been unseen Beings my heart was removed from my chest (I believe I may have done it myself) and when I ripped it out all this bright white light came flooding out of my open chest and then I held my heart up to the star filled sky and my heart became a newborn baby.  Elsa seemed to feel this experience very much aligned with the posture that was from the Mayan culture..

Today when I decided to research the images I was given this week I did a google search for “Ancient Postures” and that is how I found you and I also found Elsa on your Certified Practitioners list…  Now I will continue to see what is next…

Thank you,
Isabela Victoria Diaz