Holding Sacred Space

by Paul Robear

In my experience, while we say that we create sacred space however there is also the the understanding that we do not create it, we simply open the door where sacredness already exists. We hold sacred space. There is a sacredness in everything, if we choose to be with it.  The art of holding sacred space is accessible to us all. It’s about being fully present with the experience.

Sacred Space represents a sort of coming home to oneself. Holding sacred space for yourself, and for others is an important step to honor yourself, others, and Spirit setting the stage for proper ritual to follow.

First we do this by simply connecting to own inner knowledge, higher self so to speak.  Achieving a place of neutrality, peace  – a place where we have stepped out form our own ego boundaries to embrace universal knowingness – allowing for something bigger than ourselves, to guide. Holding sacred space allows us to be with an energy that informs, that educates, that leads us. As we undertake providing powerful place for experience, we establish an environment of sacred space by embracing the sacred within ourselves first.  We beat our drums, and/or shake our rattles to inviting the Spirits.

We set an intention and expectation for the highest energies to be present. When we hold Sacred Space, it’s a spiritual practice. Breathing life back into those parts of ourselves that have been hidden from full view. 

Ask questions such as, “What does it mean for me to honor others and provide safe space ?” “How to inspire sacredness that will allow us to awaken the space we wish to be for ourselves and the planet?”
Holding space is viewing someone without judgment. Holding space is like holding the door open for someone to walk through to experience a new model of the world. 

What we are really doing when we hold space is nothing but pure acceptance—of ourselves, of others, and of the moment.

As Brene Brown says,  “When we are looking for compassion, we need someone who is deeply rooted, is able to bend, and most of all, embraces us for our strengths and struggles.”

  • Preparation: Holding space is about being in the space. 
  • Find the Stillness to connect
  • Use a contemplative practice to prepare oneself.
  • Tune with your own heart
  • Embrace authentic presence
  • Learn to Listen 
  • Breathe into it.   
  • Use a contemplative practice to prepare oneself.
  • Continue to refine your skills as a ceremonialist. 

Our Responsibilities include

  • To support the experiences generated by Ecstatic Trance Postures
  • To establish community, to uplift, celebrate, and honor one another.
  • To actively support and generate well-being.
  • To foster creative expression for the purposes of healing and transcendence.
  • To nurture the Sacredness in our communities.
  • To assist others in recognizing and trusting their inner guidance.