About our TEAM

Dee Doyle – Software Development

Last year, as a volunteer, Dee was instrumental in updating our website and developing web based tools to provide a foundation for expanding the Cuyamungue Institutes’s online presence.

Through a series of serendipitous events I had the pleasure of meeting Paul & Laura who live just miles down the road from me.  In short time we discovered we had many things in common, we enjoyed each others company and we deeply appreciated sharing sacred posture space together. In time we also discovered we work well together.  I am happily looking forward to the upcoming year and grateful that I get to help make this precious work more widely available. – –Dee Doyle

Dee is a Professional Software Engineer, experienced at designing and developing software solutions in Unix, Windows, & Mac environments using a variety of programming languages and tools.


Kate Walker – Accountant

Kate found and contacted the Institute for more information about attending workshops. In our initial conversation we realized we were not only a speaking with a bookkeeper, but one who has specialized in non-profit accounting! Before she hung up, she was on our team.

I have had the good fortune this year to connect with Paul Robear, Laura Lee and Dr. Pilch.  I am delighted to be part of the team at the Cuyamungue Institute and to offer my services as the Institute works to expand the awareness of Dr. Goodman’s work on the postures to a larger  community.

It is wonderful to be working in a cooperative environment on a project that is dear to my heart.  Our world needs healing and the postures provide a means to that goal.  I am excited and honored to be a part of this process. — Kate Walker

For Over 32 years, Kate Walker has provided bookkeeping and financial related services.  http://www.kwalkerbookkeeping.com/bio.html