Rae LeCompte

by Jackie Haworth
Cuyamungue Institute lost a dear friend in the death of Rae LeCompte, vice president of the board.  Anyone who knew Rae understood how appropriate her name was…Rae…like a ray of sunshine, a ray of hope or a ray of love.  She always emitted such a ray.  Often during board meetings we found ourselves in strong debates going nowhere.  Rae would clear her throat and in that deep voice of hers would put together all of our thoughts in one clear statement.  We would all sit back and say, “Yes, that is what we mean.”  How wonderful to have her wisdom pull us together.

Rae became involved in the Institute way back in the late 1980s.  We had gone to an introductory workshop at the Fawcett Center at Ohio State University conducted by Felicitas Goodman. We both decided to participate in a Masked Trance Dance the following summer.  Rae’s life was busy.  She was a principal at a middle school and also a grandma.  She did not spend as much time as she wanted in much participation at Cuyamungue Institute.  But after she retired, she was able to have the time to become an instructor and soon became an active board member.

When she was diagnosed with cancer she was not given long to live….maybe six months and if lucky she had 18 months.  It was then that we had a Healing Gathering at Buckeye Lake, OH where she lived.  We were a group of all women shoulder to shoulder in a circle with Rae lying in the middle.  Belinda led us in the Bear Posture.  Most of the women at this gathering had never done a trance, but all were excited to participate and send healing energy to Rae.  She would often say that the healing at that gathering was a big part in her living four years past her expiration date…four years of a good quality of life.

Some people with such a diagnosis might step back from responsibilities and activities.  But Rae was determined to live her last years doing what she loved…travel, being by the ocean or lake, and Cuyamungue Institute.   How fortunate we are that she loved the Land and the Practice.  Her one concern (and mine, too) was that we have some sort of area for dance exercises for workshops.  How thrilled she was to see Thunderbird Lodge.  Her dream had come true…only better than she imagined.

Rae joining us for Sunrise in June at the Institute

Rae was determined to attend the Centennial Celebration this June, 2014.  She had had a rough spring with reactions to the chemo treatments, but she told the doctors that she intended to go on an Alaskan cruise and then to New Mexico.  Nothing was going to stop her…and it didn’t .  Even though she was weak, she still had that magnetic smile and laugh that drew people to her.  She still emitted the rays of hope and love, acceptance and understanding.  She talked to me often about how glad she was to have made it to the Centennial Celebration.  She loved meeting new people and hearing stories.

Rae died peacefully in Clearwater, Florida.  I took a rattle to her hospital room where we gently rattled and my husband, Ray, played “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole for her.  She was still smiling and even laughing as she slept for a couple of hours and then slipped away to the spirit world.

As the drum beats the heart beat of Mother Earth and the sun rises each day to greet us, I know that Rae’s spirit now rides the wind….and oh what a ride it will be.          ~ Jackie Haworth

Jackie shares a fun story about Rae on this blog:
Official Obituary
Rae LeCompte passed away on October 22. She was born on July 2, 1937 in New Boston, Ohio to Lena M. Oliver Ray and Raymond LeCompte. She graduated from Glenwood High School. She earned her BA of Ed in Biological Sciences from Lincoln Memorial University and her MA in Counseling from Xavier University.

She leaves behind son, Robert Kevin (Penny) Goble of West Jefferson, OH; grandsons, Kevin Zachary Goble of Hollywood, California, and Shane Alexander Goble of Hilliard, Ohio; and former husband, Robert (Jeanne) Goble. She will be greatly missed by a multitude of family and friends, including many former students. Rae’s career as an educator spanned 42 years. She taught biology and PE at West Jefferson High School and later served as guidance counselor. She was principal at Memorial Middle School in West Jefferson and assistant principal at Reeb Elementary School in Columbus, OH.

Rae coached the cheerleaders, as well as Future Problem Solvers, taking both groups to a national championship. During her career in education she also served as president of WJEA and Delta Kappa Gamma. Rae enjoyed the company of friends and travel, most recently repeating one of her favorite trips, a cruise to Alaska with a group of friends.

She was a board member of the Cuyamungue Institute in NM and active on the boards of the resident associations where she lived in Clearwater Beach, Florida and Buckeye Lake, OH. She was an expert on the flora and fauna at Cranberry Bog where she led numerous tours. Anyone who knew Rae was enriched by her honest, kind and generous spirit. She was passionate in life and whatever challenges she faced. She will be truly missed. A funeral mass will be held, Tuesday, Oct. 28 at St. Brendan Catholic Church, 245 Dory Passage, Clearwater, FL at 10 a.m. There will be a celebration of Rae’s life next month in Columbus, Ohio. In lieu of flowers donations to Cuyamungue Institute would be appreciated: cuyamungueinstitute.com       ——>  How to make a donation  Thank you.

From Paul Robear:
As a board member, I always looked to Rae for her common sense, her integrity and quick wit.  The board meetings will not be the same. She helped balance board meetings between business and still always find ways to encourage us to laugh together.  She had such a deep respect for Felcitas, the Institute and the practice of ritual postures. She was a gift to the Institute.