Retrieving the Powers of The Ecstatic Experience

When we learn of the extraordinary powers of shamans of antiquity and contemporary indigenous communities – to see at distances, to journey into other worlds, to heal, to divine the unknown, to shape shift and to experience death and rebirth – we realize what we have lost in our Western emphasis on rationality. But we are capable of recovering these inherent gifts. Learning from the research of anthropologist Felicitas Goodman we can use ritual postures and the method she developed to open the door to these ecstatic experiences.
Join Belinda Gore, author of Ecstatic Body Postures and The Ecstatic Experience, and Nick Brink, author of The Power of Ecstatic Trance, both psychologists who are certified instructors of The Cuymaungue Method, in learning to use this safe and simple tool for engaging the whole brain to open your capacity for shamanic gifts and ecstatic experience.

WHERE: Millheim, PA (25 miles east of State College, a three to four hour drive from NYC, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh)
WHEN: July 12-14, 2013, beginning 6:30 on Friday and ending after lunch on Sunday.
FEE: Early registration before May 31, $110, includes Sunday breakfast; after June 1, $135. Nearby accommodations in Millheim are listed below.
TO REGISTER: Send a check for made payable to Nick Brink, address: P.O. Box 94, Coburn, PA 16832.
For more information contact Nick Brink, or (814) 349-5968

The Inglebean:  three rooms, each $100/night/room, one has two singles, one a double and one a queen (usually $125/night, but for two nights Beverly will reduce it to $100.  PHONE 1-814-303-9393 (around the corner from workshop site)

Penns Valley Outfitters:  One apartment with two bedrooms, one with a queen and a single, and one with a double and a single – $150/night for apartment.  Phone Craig at 1-814-349-2489 or 1-828-242-0805 (around the corner from workshop site)

Long Lane Flowers:  Three rooms, 2 with double beds, and one with 2 twins  each for $85/night/room if for two nights.  Phone Susan 1-814-349-5683 Three blocks from workshop site.