Instructions: Posture with Prop


What do we mean by the word “Prop”?  A posture may have specific and unique apparel or items on the head, holding something in the hand(s) that s

tands out.  An example is the Long Man of Wilmington with two poles in each hand.

Here we have an obvious item being held in a specific place.  A circular ring over the navel area.

It appears to be about 6″ to 8″in diameter. (15 to 20 centimeters)

It can be as simple (cardboard cut out) or more artistic (wrapped ring) … or whatever you choose.

by Shelley Woodrow
First, I took a piece of cardboard and traced two differnet size plates/bowls to create my circle
Then I cut it out with a razor knife/ sissors.
Here is it is. Could be painted or decorated if you wish. The Museum says it is a “torque” so wrapping a spiral of ribbon or fabric around could be an extra fun. We think the word torque is important – will discuss after we test the posture together.
Laura and I found two wood towel rings which I modified to use for this posture.