The Mayan Oracle Posture

The Mayan Oracle is one in a series of the divination postures that have been found to help access guidance, insight and wisdom.

The original sculpture is found in the collection of the Princeton University Art Museum. As with all divination postures, the first step is to state our intent, and area of inquiry. We have found that the advice of the Mayan Oracle tends to be simple and practical. She is found to be supportive and impart wisdom that we need to continue our journey. After we set our intention we release ourselves to allow the experience, sometimes visionary imagery , or just simple ‘knowing’ to take place. If an answer is not immediately understood, incubate it; this is important as the answer is not always addressed to the rational mind. Musing upon the imagery or vision will often lead to a deep and profound revelation.

Posture Instructions: This is a sitting posture. We begin by sitting cross-legged, with right leg crossed in front of left leg. The heel of the left foot is tucked under the right thigh so that the left foot extends beyond the right side of your body.

Allow the right arm to relax at your side, and the right hand to rest on the outside of the right knee. Hold your fingers together and extend your thumb away from your hand.

The left arm is bent at the elbow and held up and away from the body. Cup your left hand to form a “C” and hold it up to chin level. Turn your hand so that you are facing the palm and let your hand tilt forward slightly. Face forward with eyes closed. Allow your mouth to relax and droop open slightly.

Getting Started
If you are new to the use of ritual postures, we do provide the basic steps explained so that you can participate in the experiences offered by the CI Method. There are several books on the topic available as well workshop instruction. Contact us to learn more.

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