Artificial intelligence & Robotics: The Future is Already Upon Us – Michael Kapoustin

How Will Robots Change The World? AI powered robots are set to perform tasks and operations we humans find too complex, repetitive, boring, or dangerous. It may seem fictitious, but robots are set to change humanity. AI robots can withstand environments of extreme noise, heat or cold, or toxic or poisonous. AI robots could save countless lives while freeing overworked doctors and nurses to give more time and attention to patients. That’s why human-machine collaboration is crucial in today’s world. Within the next decade, robots will be massively integrated into new spheres of human life and technical processes. Of course, artificial intelligence must remain an extension of human capabilities, not a replacement.

Michael Kapoustin holds two AI patents and founded the technology startup develop and advance the adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics to help health providers and families provide compassionate and accessible home health and end of life care. He is starting the non-profit as a repository of the stories those facing the end of their life journey want to share, to be heard, to give of their hard-won wisdom, and not to be forgotten, and using holistic technologies for answering the question of life.