Bridging Our Collective Traditions – Ashok Gangadeen Ph.D , Näthan Saith, Nedra Fetterman, PhD

Connecting Spirituality and Global Mind. How do we finding connections between the spectrum of faith, tradition and worldviews? We have shared stories, and these stories can unite us. Finding ways to understand, respect, and work differing perspectives is more important than ever for our collective well-being. It’s all part of understanding our world, and our place in it — on the larger scale of our global family.

Ashok Gangadeen returns to demonstrate his work with “dilated dialogue” and its seven stages — one that we note follows the classic steps of the Hero’s Journey! In our shared quest for unity, Ashok brings his son Näthan and colleague Nedra, both members of the Institute for Global Dialogue that he founded, to dissect and demonstrate the process — encountering one’s limitations, be it the spiritual approach you are most involved with, to noticing the potential limitations of exclusivity that might leave out those of different orientations, to opening ourself to considering others in a more universal, accepting, and inclusive way. We can embrace traditions that have a greater integrity and encourage a life that is caring for all of humanity as a whole.

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