Chaco Canyon: Mysteries & Magic with GB Cornucopia and Cherilynn Morrow

The Cuyamungue Institute Discussion Series with Guest Speakers GB Cornucopia and Cherilynn Morrow. GB was the Principle Interpretive Ranger at Chaco Culture National Historic Park for 33 years. Cherilynn Morrow is an astronomer, solar astrophysicist, and former NASA Educator.
Between them, they have put in 50+ years studying the message writ into the design and placement of Chacoan’s structures. With a beautifully illustrated slide-show they present an overview, the advanced stonework, and Solstice and Equinox alignments and well as research into the special acoustical properties of one section of canyon wall. Here we find additional relational alignments perhaps denoting use as a ceremonial space, at the ‘center of the center’. Though this culture did not leave a written record, there are clues to a sophisticated, elegant, and far-reaching cosmology in what they left behind. Naked eye astronomy and the view of the night sky at the few remaining dark-sky locations help us understand the importance of the cosmos to ancient peoples worldwide.

Not yet had the chance to visit New Mexico’s Chaco Canyon? They recommend these two videos. Both offer stunning visuals and a good introduction and overview to this extraordinary site.

“Exploring Chaco Canyon: Mysterious Ancient Site and the Archaeological Wonder of the USA”
A young man and his cell phone delivers a fast-paced and engaging overview of Chaco Canyon (42 mins)

“The Mystery of Chaco Canyon” narrated by Robert Redford. Featuring Native voices, aerial photography, archaeoastronomy and the Sun Dagger. (55 mins)

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