Decoding the Western & Mediterranean Mystery Schools – David Elkington

David Elkington, Mythologist & Historian. From David’s long study of the Western and Mediterranean Mystery Schools, he decodes the symbols and the seasons, as well as the unseen elements, untold stories, and how we are still influenced today by the current of the hidden traditions. How much cross-over is there, between the sacred symbols of the ancient cultures? Have a favorite ancient UK site or symbol? David will certainly have a fresh, informative, and entertaining take on it! Let’s ask him anything, and see where the conversation goes!

David Elkington is an independent mythologist and historian, author of “The Ancient Language of Sacred Sound.” He focuses his research on the examination of ancient religion, mythology, symbols, and iconography. See our two previous conversations with David on Sacred Sound, and also our conversation on the Green Man. He has lectured at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and appeared on radio & on many television programs, including Forbidden History. He lives in the UK.