Encounters with the Unexplained: Field Work & Personal Journeys

Panel Discussion:
Christine VanPool, Professor of Anthropology
Fredrick Smith, Professor of Religious Studies
Thomas Riccio – Professor of Visual and Performing Arts

Encounters with the Unexplained: Field Work & Personal Journeys. We bring three frequent guests together, all of whom have shared encounters in their field work, that they cannot explain by conventional means. We will hear their first-hand, real-life stories, and ask how we can decipher and interpret that which points to the boundaries of our worldview.
While we explore and enjoy the discoveries today’s science offers, we must also weigh the measure of direct experience and eye-witness reports.

Hosted by Laura Lee and Paul Robear. Conversation4Exploration, Conversation 4 Exploration,
Conversation for Exploration, The Laura Lee Show. Cuyamungue Institute