Faery Realm – The Hidden Ones. Origins, Mythology & Communication

While fairies have been relegated to folklore, or considered fantasy, some researchers now consider the origins to be religious/spiritual experiences, spirit journeys, and transformations. A fresh perspective appears looking from the context of the anthropology of religion, animism, mysticism, and consciousness. The history of faery mythology can be traced to pre-Christian, pre-Celtic, and pre-Iron Age in origin. The association of the daoine sìth with the síd mounds of the gods and ancestors is well-documented, and a tell-tale sign of their antiquity.

Husband-wife mythologist team John & Caitlin (pronounced “Kathleen”) share their deep research into the Faery Realm, with fresh insight from new translations of early stories and our current eco-crisis. We’ll also look at the Celtic “Wisdom of the Sidhe’ (Sith, Sí, Shee, Sighe) those who see through the veil/vale.

What we see preserved in this lore can tell us not just about the gods, with whom the fairies, or daoine sìth, can be said to have become conflated with,1 but also how they were – and are – worshipped and honoured, and approached or communicated with (or avoided as the case may be).

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