Healing Our Relationship to the World – Nedra Fetterman PhD.

Love is all about connection. It at provides us with peace and an inner knowingness that leads to self-love and acceptance. As we connect with total unconditional acceptance of ourselves we align with a natural energy that is in everywhere around us.
Love is hard to define, or measure, but we all know it when enraptured. What does science say about the biochemistry and neurology of love and emotion. Love has a wide spectrum. What is the unique nature of the love with have with our partner, and our children, family, friends, pets, and our love of life? Intimate relationships are at the core of our emotional life. We are born in relationship, nurtured by relationship, inevitably disappointed or hurt in relationship and we evolve and can be healed in relationship. There is no other context like a safe, intimate and loving relationship to provide us with a sense of belonging and to inspire our growth and aid in our healing.

Nedra Fetterman Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist mentors on love. She offers tried and true wisdom and practical skills, “so love becomes an art to master and a way of being in the world that can be cultivated, nurtured and sustained,” she says, for relationships that are “real, sturdy, compassionate, kind and wholehearted”.

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