Life After Life: Near Death Experiences. Guests: Raymond Moody & Lisa Smart

People who report having a near-death experience share similar stories. They recount the sensation of their consciousness being pulled upward out of their body, seeing beings of light, a life review, visions of deceased relatives, a feeling of peace and overwhelming love. We will explore the evidence for life after life, and the last spoken words of many about to cross over. Dr. Moody is the leading authority on the ‘near-death experience’—a phrase he coined in the late seventies. Dr. Moody’s research into the phenomenon of near-death experience had its start in the 1960’s. The New York Times calls him “the father of the near-death experience.” Lisa Smartt, MA, is the author of “Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We’re Nearing Death” and has worked closely with Raymond Moody, guided by his research into language, particularly unintelligible speech. They have co-facilitated presentations about language and consciousness at universities, hospices and conferences.

Hosted by Laura Lee and Paul Robear. Conversation4Exploration, Conversation 4 Exploration,
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