Origins of Paranormal Experience: New Perspectives – Brandon Massullo

Brandon Massullo takes a novel approach to studying the paranormal. He looks, and listens deeply, to eye witness and first person accounts, and looks at what they have in common. He suggests a number of conditions combine to set the stage for an apparitional experience, centering on the one common denominator, we humans, especially those biologically-wired and environmentally sensitive. Our emotional and internal energy can be a catalyst. Having paranormal experiences does not mean you are crazy, hallucinating, or imagining it, he says. That this phenomenon defies easy study by science does not make it less real.
You’ll appreciate the academic approach Brandon has lent his investigations over 20 years. He has been a participant and featured speaker in paranormal forums, events, and the journals Frontiers of Psychology and the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research. He has worked within the Neurological Institute for the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, conducting behavioral health consultations and currenty is director of behavioral health for Ohio’s Wooster Community Hospital. He earned a Master of Science degree in psychological research methods at the University of Edinburgh, researching individual differences and environmental sensitivity in relation to paranormal experiences.