Planetary Healing: Seeding a New Vision of Humanity: Kiara Windrider

Amid the environmental degradation, social unrest, political divides, and the distracting impact of technology, we also see signs of a positive shift in global consciousness, one long predicted. We live in a time of extraordinary change. Kiara Windrider summarized what the mystics of long ago and today’s science outline as clues for the path forward. Kiara’s quest is to assist in the collective journey of planetary awakening. Trained in the spiritual traditions of India, he travels widely, talking about spiritual development, environmental and planetary healing, peacemaking, and social justice.

Kiara Windrider, psychotherapist with degrees in Peace Studies and International Development and Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. Kiara is the author of six books, that support his message for the need of change and healing as a global family.