Ancient Texts, Cultural Heritage & Healing – Janet Rudolph

Janet began researching the female spiritual leaders of history, and found a museum exhibit around one historical figure, shown in an artifact in a specific pose. Experimentation holding that posture led her to us. Janet will share that story, and her work exploring the original Hebrew letters derived from Egyptian hieroglyphs, for their original meaning and context, and sharing her shamanic initiations recounted in her new book, “Desperately Seeking Persephone” — an apt title for her story of also descending to the metaphorical underworld, and fighting her way back, to find wholeness.

Janet Rudolph, is the author of “Desperately Seeking Persephone.” Janet says, “After a life long interest in comparative religion, I finally answered the call of shamanism over 20 years ago. I have traveled throughout the world to experience and learn first hand how the mysteries of life have come to be expressed, blessed, honored and lived in differing lands and cultures. I have studied and been initiated into different cultural traditions, to return to my earthly roots, my cultural and ancestral Jewish heritage, the people of the Tanakh