The Indigenous Paleolithic – Paulette Steeves

Reclaiming the history of Indigenous People of the Americas
Dr. Paulette Steeves (Cree-Metis) Indigenous Archeologist
Paulette Steeves cites the accumulating evidence from genetics, linguistics, geology and archaeology revealing a far longer and more complex history of the first human migrations to the Americas. This story begins far earlier than 13,000 years ago when the Ice Age’s end (re)opened the land bridge from Siberia to Alaska. Why the resistance to the mere notion of earlier dates? How early? Why does Dr. Steeves believe it could be 100,000 years ago? What clues are found in indigenous origin stories? Who are the American and European archaeologists excavating and reporting on these early archeology sites, known as “pre-Clovis”? (Clovis being the post-Ice-Age, un-contested culture and era) and what are they finding that is changing the story on who, when, where, and how humans arrived in the Americas? And what are the implications, from both the Indigenous, and Western, points of view?