Science Meets Spirit: a Family Legacy – Jeffrey Dunne Ph.D

Jeff is carrying on the work of his late mother Brenda Dunne, who with Robert Jahn founded and ran the PEAR Lab at Princeton studying the effects of consciousness using random number generators, among other experiments. What was it like hanging out at the lab as a kid watching the trial runs? (“Brenda would assign us, if we were ever bored, to go ‘create a universe’, and report back to her”, says Jeff.) The original PEAR equipment has found a new home, and is up and running — new answers does it seek to answer? Jeff joined Brenda in 2017 to co-direct ICRL, with the goal of “integrating our understanding of consciousness to unify art, science, health, and education”. With Brenda’s passing, he now serves as ICRL President, and is busy expanding the mission with new experiments and practical applications.

Jeffrey Dunne earned his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from Purdue University and served as Chief Scientist at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, directing research in Information sciences, with a focus on information representation and semantic reasoning.

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