Psychology of Survival – Fabrizio Nannini

Essential Skills for Surviving the Modern World. How can we tap into research from modern psychology to reach our fundamental human goals in more effective and fulfilling ways? The ability to not only ‘Survive’ but ‘Thrive’ in times of high stress lies in empowering the individual with the skills they need to understand, manage and leverage stress effectively. There are plenty of proven ways to develop the adaptability, patience, and brainpower needed to overcome the trials from adverse conditions.

“Surviving life-threatening situations is 80% a mental game” says Fabrizio Nannini, author of a best selling manual Mental Survival on survival psychology. “Getting in touch with your deepest fear, and strengths, you’ll know yourself in new ways.”

Fabrizio Nannini is an Italian writer specialized in survival psychology and anthropology. He is a certified Mental Coach, facilitator, using survival exercises for team building. “No one survives alone,” he says, “only through cooperation.”

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