Star Myths of the World – David Warner Mathisen


What the breakthrough Hamlet’s Mill begun, Mathisen’s Star Myths of the World carries forward, with more links between the world’s mythology, and a shared system of celestial metaphor. He will decode how this ancient system works, and the mythic ‘language of the stars’ and its “vocabulary” and “grammar”.

David Warner Mathisen, author of seven previous books investigating the connection between the myths and the stars, explores the evidence that the world’s ancient myths, scriptures and sacred stories from virtually every culture on our planet are built upon a worldwide system of celestial metaphor, using the infinite realm of the heavens to convey profound truths about the Invisible Realm: the Other Realm, the realm of spirit, the realm of the gods. dramatic evidence which reveals the connections between specific constellations and celestial features in our night sky and the various characters and events in the ancient myths. He will share the ancient myths in the language they are actually speaking: the language of the stars.