Sustainability Past and Present – Guest: Morgan Brown. Green Consultant

A green entrepreneur and consultant to government and business, Morgan Brown shares real-life insights and examples from his extensive work with solar, sustainable water systems, public transport, sustainable living and renewable energy systems, to ponder with us on: Our ancestors practiced sustainability; how did we get so far off track? It’s now difficult to deny that environmental sustainability is one of the most urgent important issues of our time so why are we still arguing over it? Is our current trajectory inevitable? With all the science, technology, and tools we now have to correct course, why aren’t we further along? What does a sustainable future look like? What sweeping changes will it bring? We see from history that a civilization’s resiliency and longevity depends on striking a balance with nature. We examine the complexities of the technology, politics, economics, philosophical and worldview barriers to making the changes we must. Morgan established a joint venture with Green City Ferries AB of Stockholm Sweden to bring leading-edge zero-emission fast ferry technology and sustainable public waterborne transportation service to North America. A frequent speaker on sustainable water, he founded Whole Water Systems, LLC.

Hosted by Laura Lee and Paul Robear. Conversation4Exploration, Conversation 4 Exploration,
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