The Great Murals of Baja – Todd Bostwick

The Baja Great Murals are a collection of extraordinary rock art found throughout the mountains and arroyos of the Baja California peninsula of Mexico. Archaeologist Todd Bostwick will share his slideshow of these Great Murals where a Hunter Gatherer culture some 7,500 years ago created up to 10 foot tall paintings on vertical cliff walls. With hundreds of sites, this was a culture that endured, with a shared symbolic view of the world, expressed with petroglyphs, and pictographs with vivid polychrome colors depicting large anthropomorphs and the local fauna. This UNESCO designated site is a remote area, reached only by multi-day trek on mules and burro caravans.

A professional archaeologist for 43 years, Todd shares his personal photos, experiences, and his interpretation of what these glorious pictograph panels may represent.

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