Network of Instructors

German certified instructors of the Cuyamungue Institute:

Ki Salmen 
Instructor and Trainer of the Cuyamungue Method
Annette Ki Salmen discovered the Trance Postures in 1992 in Felicitas Goodman’s book “Where the Spirits Ride the Wind” and has worked with them ever since. Ki was delighted to work with Felicitas on one of her last visits to Europe. With a degree in education and 30 years practical experience, Annette Ki Salmen works as an alternative therapist in private practice. She is trainer and teacher for the Cuyamungue Institute. An important area of her work lies in the combination of classical therapy methods with ancient trance techniques and shamanic knowledge. One of Ki’s major interests at present is the study of Native American cosmologies and their ways of healing. Ki is the founder of the Lichtraum-Praxis and more recently the Bluebird Institute, where her individual and group work is concentrated. She is the author of a book about the Trance Posture Work which is published in Germany under the title &quotMohnfrau” — Poppy Pod Woman. She lives with her husband and her daughter in Germany in a small town near Dortmund.  You can find more information about her work on her website

Gudrun Fischer
Institut für Körper, Tanz und Trance
Hans Jakob Hof 11
D-79279 Vörstetten
Tel. 0049-7666-8839905

The rediscovery of the state of trance was a deeply moving and life changing experience, as well as meeting Felicitas Goodman and her work. I became a student of Felicitas in 1988 and received my certification of Trance Postures in February 1997. In 1995, I went to Cuyamungue and took part in a mask dance ceremony and returned in 1999 to assist in another mask dance ceremony.

In 1997 I was co-founder of the Felicitas – Goodman – Institute and have been a trainer of the Institute since 1998. During this time, I certified 24 people in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Italy.

Felicitas opened the door to archaeological studies of the stone age culture, specifically with the “ Venus of Galgenberg“. Also, I became very interested in megalithic cultures. Trance postures are a part of workshops and guided journeys to sacred sites I offer in Malta, Cornwall, Switzerland, France, Austria and Germany. Healing is one of my main interests particularly, healings through trance postures for sick people , not only through private practice, but also in hospitals – also accompanying dying people on their way to the other side. I also do shamanistic work like sweatlodges, Vision Quests (in Sahara) and healing rituals.

In 1989, I founded the  Institute für Körper, Tanz und Trance“ where I continue to offer workshops and trainings in ritual body postures, Trance-dance, Bodywork and Massage.


Dörte Bergmann
Falkstrasse 125
47058 Duisburg


Beate Maria Funke
Erlenweg 7
D – 59889 Eslohe
Phone: 0160 99062523


Unja Jung
Coaching und Beratung
Postfach 1121
D-79216 Staufen im Breisgau
Tel. 0049-7633-9459015
Unja Jung <>


Rosalie Kohler
Fritz-Geiges-Straße 22
D-79117 Freiburg
Morgenstern / Morning Star
Wegbegleitung für Frauen / Spiritual guidance for women <>

Sibylle Kreher
Reutenerstraße 24 B
D-79279 Vörstetten
Tel. 0049-7666 / 9459555




Christine Loos
Kandertal 6
D- 79429 Malsburg-Marzell