Additional Benefits of Ecstatic States

by Laura Lee
The first clear evidence of people  entering ecstatic states begins around 36,000 years ago. Ecstatic States are ordinary, human physiological experiences, natural to human functioning, entered into by rattling, drumming and ritual. 
Ecstatic States deliver many benefits. Some of these are detailed here.

Biochemical Lab Results: The early lab test show a lowering of blood pressure and stress hormones, and an increase of the beta-endorphins of well-being. 
First-Hand Reports of Experiences: CI has 50 years and thousands of records of trance experiences. These are include audio and video recordings, and handwritten notes. Some participants have shared  photographs of, or typed up their journal notes. And beginning with Felicitas, many ritual leaders take notes as the group shares their experiences one by one. These are among the most common reports, over and over. We may categorize these generally as the following. 
Well Being: Flourishing is built upon a well-spring from within of feelings of well-being, compassion, gratitude, joy, creativity, and overall well-being.
Emotional Intelligence encompasses self-awareness, self-discipline, self-regulation, empathy, forgiveness, ease of communication with others. 
Inner Strength and Resilience is built on feeling comfortable in one’s own skin, of being loved and welcomed by the Universe with a sense of belonging. Feeling centered and grounded, and being in one’s right place, on one’s right path, trusting one’s instincts and intuition. Clarity of mind and purpose, with improved memory and concentration. Feeling a sense of alertness, eagerness to work towards higher goals.
Physical Strengths are also reported, such as muscles feeling stronger, ‘as though I’ve just spend an hour in the gym and not in trance’. Occasional reports of greater acuity of eyesight, hearing, tasting, smelling.
Elevated Mood is the most common comment, with a sense of optimism and feeling more rested, content, at peace, happier. This is often in resolution from feelings at the beginning of the trance, either stirred up by the trance process or by life events, of anxiety, worry, upset, nausea, and emotional or physical pain. By the end of the trance, these feelings have dissipated and given way to a sense of relief, resolution, peace, and well-being. Even those who report “not much went on” and “I didn’t go deep into trance this time” will comment that they do feel much better and more reseted, as though a weight or cloud was lifted.
Mystical Moments of feeling at One with the All, receiving downloads of cosmic life force, energy, information, experiencing an increase of moments of synchronicity and coincidence, and spontaneously entering into a “flow state” and ‘being in the knowing.’
Benefits Overview:
  • Enhance communication
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Inspire ecstatic feelings of oneness with other people, nature, the universe, and God
  • Alter perception and consciousness in alignment with your intentions
  • Awaken creativity
  • Aid in memory and concentration
  • Focus the mind in the present
  • Have positive immune system responses
  • Create group cohesion
  • Foster emotional processing
  • Support peace of mind, feelings of  comfort, and release of anxiety
  • Reduce feelings of isolation