Artist & Spirit Series: Lady of Cholula

Lady of Cholula   by Mark Gilliland

“What a pleasure it is to have a friend who is older and wiser, who gladly sits with you to talk about whatever puzzles you, who somehow always puts the confusion of the moment into some perspective.1”

Small Mexican town, streets filled with market activity. Down a side alley and thru an adobe doorway hung with a black and white cloth. Into main room with an open hearth fireplace, an old woman is sitting. She offers me a cob pipe to smoke and a small glass of homemade tequila. She wants me to call her “Grandmother.” She tells me to let things happen in their own time, in their own way. “Relax, have a smoke, enjoy a drink, talk, share stories.”

She shows me her rear yard, a walled garden full of flowering plants, herbs, and vegetables. There are bees, butterflies, and a hummingbird. She says “In a garden you plant the seeds, water, weed, offer the best care that you can. But ultimately, the plants will grow in their own way, according to their own internal essence. Enjoy their self- expression. Likewise with those you work with, your friends, and family.”

As I get ready to leave, she says “Don’t forget to spend time with the Ancestors.” And remember she is always here to visit with, to sit and smoke and drink and share stories.

Other images shared by trance circle participants: ritual with Native American dancers; medicine woman with spider/scorpion webs – web of consciousness; bear cubs in a cave; ladder going through a hole in the wall/ceiling to the Big Dipper above.

EBP journey notes and digital image by Mark Gilliland ©2008.
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1 Quote from The Lady of Cholula posture in Belinda Gore’s book “Ecstatic Body Posture: An Alternate

Editors note: The intent behind our Artist in Trance program is to explore, document ritual posture experience using artistic mediums such as sketching, painting, sculpting, etc… Throught direct experience we combine the art field and the spirit world.

Participants are inspired by imagery encountered during experiences with the Cuyamungue Method, essentially, documenting ones experience using artistic mediums. In this process we explore the field of consciousness both theoretically and practically.

By using the Cuyamungue Method, we open the communication between our artistic spirit and and connection between the mind and body. Ritual Postures as a method increases our creativity and opens channels of inspiration from the artistic field of consciousness within you. We welcome your submissions!