Artist & Spirit Series: On a Clear Trail

by Cynthia Devlin

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Description: When attending the Masked Trance Dance and Instructor Training in September of 2013 I was inspired to explore my creative expression.

What resulted was this piece “On a Clear Trail”

Artists & Spirit Series – The Artists & Spirit program is an opportunity to explore, expand, and document our ritual posture experience with sketching, painting, sculpting and other visual art mediums. 

Art sits at the center of our work at the Cuyamungue Institute. It is through the artwork of the ancients that Ritual Postures have been preserved and communicated through the centuries. Ritual Postures activate our creative center, and stir the dialogue with the Soul. Taking the the imagery encountered during our spirit journey experiences with the Cuyamungue Method as inspiration for artistic expression is a rewarding exercise on many levels. Artists are finding new layers of meaning in their experiences, as you will hear in their reports. You are invited to submit your art and your story.

About Cynthia:  Cynthia is a licensed as a Professional Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist in Farmville, Virginia, with over 30 years of clinical experience. A native of North Dakota, Ms. Devlin attended undergraduate school at Moorhead State College in Minnesota graduating Magna cum laude with a B.A. in Sociology/Psychology. She received an M.S in Counseling from San Diego State University,California and completed post-graduate coursework at the University of Minnesota, University of Virginia, et al.