Artists & Spirit Series – Bird Man of Veracruz

The Artists & Spirit program is an opportunity to explore, expand, and document our ritual posture experience with sketching, painting, sculpting and other visual art mediums.  Art sits at the center of our work at the Cuyamungue Institute. It is through the artwork of the ancients that Ritual Postures have been preserved and communicated through the centuries. Ritual Postures activate our creative center, and stir the dialogue with the Soul. Taking the the imagery encountered during our spirit journey experiences with the Cuyamungue Method as inspiration for artistic expression is a rewarding exercise on many levels. Artists are finding new layers of meaning in their experiences, as you will hear in their reports. You are invited to submit your art and your story. “Divination Posture. AD 100-900 Mexico.1” by Mark Gilliland From my journey notes: The sky is rippling like an ocean. I hear the high-pitched cries of a school of dolphins and realize I am looking into a deep pool – the stars a reflection. The dolphins in the pool appear to be playing in the stars. I see now that the reflecting pool is the floor of a temple, stone columns rising high overhead. The path to the high altar sanctuary is blocked (protected) by a flaming bird-like figure. This is the temple of the Oracle. About the Artist / Author Mark Gilliland -“My work combines both Hindu and Buddhist sources in conjunction with the Native American medicine wheel into powerful imagery which respects their original heritage and context, partaking of their ancient spiritual knowledge, wisdom and compassionate vision while simultaneously embracing the need to envision anew for our post-modern transitional times. The work resonates deeply within me and I know that I have finally closed the circle of my childhood experiences.” EBP journey notes and digital image by Mark Gilliland ©2008-2015. See more visionary work at