Artists & Spirit Series: Poppy Woman of Gazi

by Mark Gilliland

“Initiation: Death and Rebirth – 1350 BC; Crete. Other themes: Healing 1”

From my journey notes: I take the stance as the rattle begins. I immediately sense a circle of dancing lizards, circling a fire. They beckon me to enter the fire. I find myself lost in a white space, resolving slowly into snowy fields and hills. Above circles a hawk. I follow after it. We travel over the forest to a cave. Inside around a circle of fire, sit medicine men. They tell me it is time to face my death. I can choose between the bear, the panther, or the wolf. I decide to go with the bear as he is healing medicine, too. He comes up to me, embraces me, and draws his claws down over my backbone, saying “You don’t need this anymore”. With that, he pulls off my skin…

Other participants reported: journeying down to the Earth’s iron core crystal with its anchoring energy. Vortexes of spinning light and dark energy – a powerful time for manifestation if we are clear in our intent. Bolts of lightening. A feeling of “infusion.”

EBP journey notes and digital image by Mark Gilliland ©2008-2014. See more visionary work at

 1. Notes from The Poppy Woman of Gazi posture in Felicitas D. Goodman & Nana Nauwald’s book “Ecstatic Trance: New Ritual Body Postures, A Workbook” on page 129.