Flashpoint – Signs of a New Beginning

by Ken Kalb

What a miracle it is to be alive now that the Big Wheel has made the it’s turn through December 21, 2012. The galactic tide has now changed directions, ladies and gentleman, like the ocean tides do each day. If we are correct in our timing of this astounding fractal in the space-time continuum — this was the final heartbeat of an age. Mother Earth has now completed a full revolution through all 12 astrological ages of the 26000-year Great Year. The galactic compass is now pointing true North at the solstice stillpoint, and the shifting tide is opening the portal of infinite possibility. What crashes in ashes and rises from the remains will birth the life of our destiny’s offspring. Indicators and significators from numerous cosmologies — most famously Mayan — have signaled this change. And despite the plethora of both measured analysis and inflated or arcane hyperbole — we can see it, we can feel it, and we simply just know it.

Or as Bob Dylan once sang, “something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones.”

Of course, the key to each of our individual responses to any intensified force field is our own evolution or vibration. This portal seems to be empowering humans in diverse directions. At the highest level, perhaps this time represents a spiritual opportunity for a great evocation of the powers of the heart, an illumination of human genius, and a test of our incredible will to survive. Yet a broad spectrum of darker frequencies — like visionless greed, the cancer of the soul — are also boosted as endless war and the indiscriminate scramble for money and power are unfortunately, still the law of the Earth jungle. We are in a charged time of dichotomy, where the miraculous and the miserable are evolving simultaneously side by side.

December 21 was one of the most massive collective gathering points in human history. People all over the planet tuned in, and millions mobilized according to their beliefs and passions in awe and anticipation of the auspicious moment. Meditating singing, dancing, laughing hooping drumming hugging, kissing making love, surfing, getting married — doing something big like there it was the last day in time.  Deep inside I muse about what could happen if we could only get all humans pulling together toward a shared higher vision of sustainable peace on Earth. We’ll be working toward that!

Of course there were indeed those who thought this Mayan end date, encoded in temple stone was an actual end time — waiting for the walls to all come tumbling down.

Here are some musings and meanderings in light of this period of Flashpoint 2012 and the future ahead:

Signs of a New Beginning: The 11:11 Code
Pythagoras once said, “all truth lies in numbers.” It is noteworthy that 12/21/2012 breaks down numerologically to 11 One’s. The number One — first number after zero — marks new beginnings, and 11 is the number of illumination. Interestingly, one’s and zero’s comprise the basis for all computer coding. So like the end point of the 13th and final baktun of the Mayan calendar, our own calendar seems to point to a certain odometric reset of the human timing frequency. But most mind boggling to me was the astronomical fact that Winter Solstice, 2012 occurred precisely at 11:11 AM Greenwich Mean Time — which is the absolute time reference on our planet. Human and divine timing systems were certainly in sync.

The Window and the Shift of the Ages
My 1995 book “The Grand Catharsis, An Astrolog of the Shifting Ages,” dubbed the period 1996 to 2012 The Window, or cusp period between the former Piscean and dawning Aquarian dispensations. This was based on a progression of planetary movements, boosted frequencies of galactic alignments, as well as the peak of the 11-year solar cycle — all culminating around the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012. All of these forces would accelerate the rate of change. The Aquarian Age would no longer just dawn, but rise … Awake. And the birth pangs during the next three years of the 7 dynamic square formations of planets Uranus the Awakener, and Pluto the Transformer — as Earth transits through the Galactic Alignment Zone— would mark a period of massive breakdowns and breakthroughs on virtually all levels.

Presto Chango
Between 1996 and 2015, Earth’s journey through this Zone — namely, the Winter solstice Sun with the Galactic equator — has been accompanied by an escalation of etheric energy. Age “cusps,” like we are in, are also high-frequency zones, so the energy of Uranus — key ruler of the new Aquarian Age — is highly amplified. Uranus spins sideways to all of the other planets and its motion is retrograde — likely caused by some cataclysmic cosmic collision. Zany Uranus also rules earth changes, revolution, innovation, and the spark of evolution — the very mechanism of change itself. Its discovery in 1781 was concurrent with the discovery of electricity, as well as various political upheavals including the American and French Revolutions. The very day Uranus entered Aries on March 11, 2011, the massive 9.0 earthquake and terrible Tsunami tore up Japan. And the ensuing square formations with Pluto and Saturn have seen drastic transformation on almost every level.

It seems that Uranian — and really all evolutionary energies – have been boosted during the Window period. And we certainly don’t have to be astrologers to see the proof of this Age shift. Consider how many people were connected to the internet before the Window opened, and the multitudes now plugged in. That would be a couple thousand compared to a few billion! Consider who had cell phones, and now who doesn’t. Before the Window opened you might have to use a pay phone! When I opened my yoga studio in the 80’s, people thought I was nuts. Now, it’s standing room only and there are studio’s everywhere, even like Bakersfield!

Amplified Uranian/Aquarian frequency is the inspired wizardry of the human mastermind, the mother of invention enchanting us with human genius — like a quantum trampoline of technological innovation. Medical Science has cracked the genetic code, physics has found the Higgs Boson or God Particle, and astronomers have discovered life-enabling water throughout the planets of our solar system. In the Window, mail has transformed into email, books are now ebooks, cd’s are now downloads, retail is now e-Tail. 25 years after the advent of the PC, over a billion humans walk around with a computer-phone almost as part of their hand, capable of instantly connecting around the world. This acceleration of innovation is stretching human imagination in a force field so rapid, that anything is possible. Presto Chango! Yet at the same time, darker frequencies with dimmer dispositions of this energy also manifest as the madman or the terrorist, the cyber-criminal or mass-murderer.

Pole Shift or Bi-Polar Disorder
The poles did not shift geo-physically on 12/21/2012, but there is indeed a polarity in human consciousness. On the one hand, many humans are awakening to the beauty of heart, the genius of mind and the divinity of our souls. On the other, the bulk of consensus reality makes our hearts explode. Corporations and governments are committing ecocide and threatening our very existence while denying it in the name of the Almighty dollar. They are draining the EarthBlood from our planet, darkening our sacred skies, modifying our food, poisoning our water and oceans, and murdering thousands of sacred species. This greed- fueled power drive is eviscerating our planet, and governments devote the bulk of our resources to the war machine. Every minute of the war in Afghanistan, for example, costs more than the average American earns in a year. There are 820 million chronically hungry humans on Earth and 20,000 children die of starvation every single day. Yet we throw enough food away each day to feed them all. As scripture notes, “Where there is no vision, the people perish …”

We either change when things no longer work or when we are infused with inspiration. Evidence abounds. The 2012 election demonstrated that the US political system is on the precipice of extinction, or at least transformation. Global economies are only holding together by fancy financial sleight of hand, and continual kicks of the proverbial can down the road. The US economy danced over “the fiscal cliff,” which was just one hill in a massive mountain range of financial peril. If each one of the 7-billion people inhabiting Mother Earth put in a dollar, it would take 2000 Earth-full’s just to pay off the government’s credit card. On and on, ad nauseum. The true polarity is that the terrific and the terrible are now intertwined and living side by side.

Age of Miracles
At the same time, we know we have all the resources for healing, sustainability and peaceful existence at our disposal. Every moment we are reminded that love is the most potent force in the universe, that the human heart is capable of anything. We know we are all connected, not just on the internet, but on the Innernet of divine spirit. And the law of transformation tells us that every ending births a new beginning.

There have been many conscious attempts to gather people’s of goodwill together spark an awakening including Harmonic Convergence, GaiaMind, and my own effort sponsoring the LightShift initiative at the Millennium. I salute any and all efforts to come together and awaken, individually and collectively. I just participated in Maui’s Mystic Island festival, one of many living rituals being born in the light of the Spirit for a better and sustainable future. I think true awakening IS engendered through our conscious living and interaction during each moment of our lives. It would be awesome if we could make our changes through awareness, our service, and our actions. But it may take massive adversity to test, awaken, and motivate humanity to pull together — perhaps even economic collapse, cataclysmic earth change, or world war! We thrive at the very precipice of all of these possibilities. And the Space Brothers are late for their date. Is it possible that humans are simply destined to live in a bubble of denial while we flash in earth’s pan before we perish? A good question.
The good news is that we are at our best when up against the worst, and resolution resides a step or two beyond despair. And Aquarius — the Age of Miracles — also rules friendship and the Brotherhood of Man. As Emerson once said, friendship may be considered to be the masterpiece of nature. Awakening can happen in a holy instant, and the Age is indeed shifting and the energetic tide turning. We are all involved in this catalytic period of great cleansing and global shift, with thousands of karmic and celestial cycles dining in the amplified fires of evolution. Spirit is empowering us to make bold and wise choices, live in service, and do good deeds. Humanity will eventually have to dig much deeper, shine far brighter, and pull more together. It is only in alignment that there is fulfillment. The world of the past is passing away — right before our very eyes. We are dancing through the changes with these heavenly arrangements, as the crush of the past is transformed by the flush of the future. The doorway of change is always a bit strange, but it leads through the gateway of growth, into the garden of our dreams. And the magic sparkle in our children’s eyes tells me their story is long and strong, and their will to live is summoning a future. Conscious souls will just need to keep digging, praying, shining, and glowing in the dark through this highly charged portal of Flashpoint 2012 and into the future  — giving birth to the miracle.

 Used by permission from Ken Kalb – This is a translation of an article originally written for an Italian metaphysical magazine.

Laura Lee, Ken Kalb, Paul Robear

About Ken Kalb
Ken Kalb is an author/publisher, healer, astrologer, spiritual scientist and inspirational speaker with hundreds of published articles, media appearances  and presentations, and several published books in multiple languages. Ken has spearheaded and assisted various transformational projects and innovations — founding natural food stores, inventing low impact aerobics at his holistic studio Master Kinetics Fitness Academy — coordinating New Age Expo and Earth Day — among several other initiatives. At the same time, Ken has been Santa Barbara, California’s most prominent astrologer. He was the vortex of the LightShift 2000 global meditation initiative, which helped bring millions together in a global light wave for the new millennium. Ken is acclaimed for his inspirational eloquence, predictive accuracy, uplifting attitude, and illuminating perception, weaving ancient wisdom and visions of the future into empowerment. He lives between Santa Barbara and Maui, Hawaii, where he is a dedicated seeker of truth and lover of life.

Ken also operates Electric Star Power Bikes,http://www.electricstar.org and is a Maui realtor assisting occasional relocations to Paradise. He may be reached by email at:birth2012@aol.com