Enriching Our Lives with the Tools of Ritual / Ceremony.

Advanced Initiatory Training – The journey continues! We go deeper and explore, experience, and expand consciousness through Ecstatic Ritual Trance Postures.


  • July 6th – 11th, 2019
  • Date: Arrive July 6th afternoon/early evening. Workshop ends at noon, July 11th,
    Cost: $495.00 – Food and lodging inclusive ($545.00 after April 15th)**SPACE IS LIMITED**

While you are here… Enjoy!

Local Event: July 11-14 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market
Location: The Cuyamungue Institute – Santa Fe, New Mexico

We will explore the aspects of ceremony and embrace the power of ritual. Following ceremonial steps, along with Ecstatic Trance Postures you will be inspired to develop your own ritual and tools. Intention is the first element of Ritual. Rituals and ceremonies go together. The ritual is the structure and the ceremony happens in between.

In this workshop you will learn:

• Development of Ritual process
• Ceremony and intent
• Tools of Trance
• Power of Community Ritual and Ceremony

In today’s world of technology it has become ever increasing important to take the time to reconnect. Most Indigenous cultures know the power of ritual and ceremony, and we in the West can connect to traditional wisdom tradition.

The essential part of a ceremony or ritual is is intention. A ceremony is an event where you focus your intention for specific results. We use it to change emotional state, ground and centered yourself and impact the direction of your life. Life becomes richer. We consciously create and strengthen our chosen path in life. Proper use of Ritual and Ceremony supports the deepening of our spiritual and emotional connections with family, community, and the aid of the spirit world. Ceremonies and rituals enrich a person’s life and serve as sources of guidance for revealing a greater connection to the world that surrounds us. Ritual is a universal feature of human social existence.

One of the potent powers of ritual is its ability to set off certain times and spaces as sacred. Rituals cannot only set apart particular times as sacred, but certain spaces as well. It becomes sacred by having our attention. Joseph Campbell said, “Sacred Space is a place where wonder