In The Sacred Space: Who is the Mover?

by Bat-Sheva Koren The infinite and divine in Direct Experience transform us and bring clarity to the presence of the Spirit. The mystical revealed in stillness, or movement, serves as a container for staying connected in the Spirit, recognizing it, as it is always here. “Authentic Movement” and “Ecstatic Ritual Body Posture”, at times, flow naturally together, weaving a unity, reminding us of the Connection of the Spirit to the Body as we are the Manifested Spirit. Each method then becomes a form for learning and a sacred place where transformation can arise. Any attempt to listen to the evolving process needs to be humble… the way we wait patiently if we want to follow movement unfolding spontaneously, intuitively and authentically or witness Energy Presence. Participants in this workshop are invited to learn the role of the Body in experiencing two different forms through and in stillness, movement, and witnessing; to recognize cues and choices from within the experience and surrendering to it. From the mystery of the pure consciousness made present the way of the Spirit may be revealed. In the first form we focus on the role of the Body in Experience through the evolving relationship between Mover and Witness. In the second, we hold a Ritual Posture accompanied by rhythmic sound, and in listening to the process of experiencing, surrendering to the experience, we may hear the awakening body as it becomes a sacred Spirit place and space for experiencing the world of the Spirit. When: August 22 – 25:  Authentic Movement & Ecstatic Postures Where: Cuyamungue Institute – Santa Fe New Mexico Arrive August 22 afternoon/early evening. Workshop ends at Sunday noon, August 25, 2013 Cost: $395.00 – Food and lodging inclusive ($425.00 after July 1, 2013) Contact Bat-Sheva for more information and to register or you may also contact …………………………………………………………………………………..  About Bat-Sheva Bat-Sheva Koren PhD, IECT, ADTR. Canada, Israel and abroad Contact Bat-Sheva Bat-Sheva was born in Israel, and raised and educated on a kibbutz, a spiritual agricultural community on the shores of the river Jordan. Her professional life is rooted in this early life experience. Her professional focus is tacit knowledge, as it guides educators, and embodied wisdom revealed through mystic and trance experiences. She has taken an active part towards Global Collective Consciousness through her healing work and teaching of Authentic Movement, Ecstatic Postures, Dance Movement Therapy, phenomenology and narrative writing, in Canada and abroad. She is the Director of the Toronto Dance Movement Therapy centre and the author of From Golem to White Eagle: a journey into through and beyond life.