Initiatory Training: What Participants Are Saying

Here are just a few excerpts from recent participants of the Initiatory Training program.

Paul Drown, Austin Texas
“I am very happy to have attended the Initiatory Training Workshop. Paul and Laura are great teachers, well versed in the teachings. Both are people of integrity and compassion. I found them to be excellent teachers and humble people. I had a wide range of experiences, from subtle to intense. I enjoyed listening to others’ experiences. Posture work was held in the kiva. Instruction was solid, the actual trance was just long enough, and the sharing of experience was honest and heartfelt. The group was very supportive of each individual, following Paul and Laura’s lead. I found the itinerary full, but not overwhelming. There was plenty of time for rest and quiet. In addition to the trance postures, other activities included a sunrise greeting, labyrinth walk, ritualistic whistle work, ceremonial fire and group dinner with engaging conversation.

I enjoyed the importance placed on ritual. I have disregarded this in my own life, and it was rewarding to bring it back in. I found myself feeling confident and compassionate. I was able to use these strengths during and after the workshop.  As an example, I have been in the vicinity of a past adversary recently.  Circumstances have put us in the same space for a few months, neither of us acknowledging the other.  After the workshop, I felt a confidence that allowed my to walk up to my adversary and reintroduce myself.  It was only an acknowledgment and small talk, but I felt good about facing him. I like that my connection to the world has been enhanced. My wife told me I was beaming for days after I returned from the workshop. I’ll try to keep that up!
Gwen Farrell, Phoenix Arizona
“I had some knowledge of what the postures looked like and the procedures, but very general, so the in-depth explanations and demonstrations clarified them. Overall, the conference was very different from anything I’ve experienced before and different from what I thought it was going to be.  Yes, my expectations were met.
What did you find most useful and why?  The time in the kiva – the teachings and then the experience of the postures.  Very powerful.”

“At this point I can’t speak to the efficacy of the postures in healing or other changes in my life, but the overall experience – the facilities, the people, the leaders, the land, all made it a remarkable experience which I will always treasure. Thank you so much.”
Paige Cousineau,  Ottawa Canada
“I appreciated the intention to preserve Felicitas’ way of doing it. I agree with Dave that establishing/ maintaining an academic connection -without it controlling the program- is critical to keeping it fresh and expanding..
I appreciated Laura’s articulate and coherent descriptions and information.  You two are doing a great service to the movement; take care of yourselves so you can keep on doing it for a long time. “

Sat Sarbat, Vienna Austria – teaches Kundalini Yoga in China.

“What I find most useful is the scope behind the work and how clearly it has been described (because I feel motivated to proceed on this path); The faithfulness to Felicitas and how she was included (because it makes the teachings and the leaders authentic and trustworthy); The precise explanations how to move forward and how to stay connected (because it makes our way easy and it is a demonstration of love and care); The kindness and untiring support of the leaders (because they set an excellent example); The sense of community that they have created (because these memories are healing).”

“This work opens us to our spiritual reality, which is that we are part of a vast creation and creatures that are not separate from the larger matrix of life and consciousness. This is the message I got from this workshop. It is vastness opposed to shrinking.”
Kevin Emmons, Hollis Center Maine
“The most useful part of the whole experience is two fold. One, the postures themselves are a powerful tool for learning, connecting, insight, guidance, peace, etc. This work will become part of my regular spiritual practices for the rest of my life I think. The second part of the experience was the being there, in that land, in that place, in that time. Spirit speaks loudly in that land. It is a very sacred place. Simply touching it changes one. The dichotomy of the land in New Mexico and the land in Maine, New England, and the British Isles, was a teaching all in itself. I learned much from just listening and crafting relationship to the spirits of place in that land.”
Claudia Hollenthoner-Menrath, Vienna Austria
“The helpfulness of Paul and Laura from  my very first question until I flew back home. I always felt safe and well advised. So I had no fear to go alone to the other side of the world ;-))

I will be continuing your posture work at home and will be attending additional training / workshops.

Diana Huston, Okeechobee, Florida
How well were your expectations for the conference met? Beyond anything I could imagine.  Learning the postures so that I can receive direct communication from spirit for guidance in my journey

Alan Drobnak, Denver Colorado
The workshop served well my introduction to the method of posturing. My expectations were surpassed by the total experience.

The international representation of our group attendees illustrated, for me, a parallel correlation with the ancient similar figurines from around the world. Proving for me how similar visionary experiences can be realized by attendees from around the globe as though we were also ‘distant figurines’ assembled in one place for a common experience.

Also, the witnessing and sharing personal spiritual ‘break-throughs’ with other participants was very rewarding. That I personally now have a few very wonderful social relationships with other participants concerning my own path at this time will be a great asset in my work.

I’m looking forward to this next Men’s Conclave. I would like to become more involved with the Institute as I am able.

May Hsi -Singapore
The workshop surprised me in many aspects.
Firstly the induction process was very effective, the drumming and the vibrations from the rattle brought about a very quick and clean induction to trance state almost instantly
I am impressed that is done without use of any external chemicals which is a more commonly tool to use in popular inner works.

The amazing aspect was how this was very conscious trance state, having experienced different forms of trance, this is very unusual for me. During this trance state, I was very aware of the body sensations as well as the visions in the mind.  It is important to note that, my main sensory modality is auditory and kinesthetic senses, I am not strong in the visual sensory mod

The conscious mind and the unconscious as well as the subconscious mind seem to be in sync and giving me a very clear inner vision. The conscious mind was able to process these visions, sounds, symbols and translate it to a more understandable and clear message to me. The memory of these visions were retained even after induction was over, another important aspects in having a conscious trance state.
I can see this technology and practise to be very useful in developing in my inner visions and creativity.
This can also be used in working in building a stronger link between my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.