Is Quantum Physics the End of Dualism?

by Thomas Herold

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The exploration on consciousness will be an increasingly subject in Quantum Physics as any observation is changing the results of the experiments we perform. At the very small the illusion of matter becomes more obvious and the realization that nothing is independent from each other more conclusive.

Dualism seems to be the biggest concept in history ever. Quantum Physics may lead us to a new paradigm shift in consciousness.

Our consciousness is programmed with the basic concept of dualism. Either it is this way or it is the other way, either it is good or it is bad. If you think about this you may find hundreds of other examples in your daily life. Wherever you look, look closely and you will find the concept of dualism.

The belief in matter is another big concept science has come up with. In the last century Newton, Kepler and some other persons made sure this concept made it into every school book in the western world.

Both concepts, dualism and matter are living on such a big scale that most people don’t even realize that they are concepts.

Is there a Hidden Purpose Behind the Concept of Dualism?
This is more a philosophical question and it may lead to other concepts and not to the truth. So what is the truth? The truth is that every concept leads to an experience and by experiencing it we may fulfill it’s purpose.

If you build a house you start with a floor plan – a concept. If you start your car in the morning than thousands of concepts were necessary to achieve the outcome of a running engine.

There was a time where science was holding a space of the spirit as it was in Astronomy and Astrology. But spirit never fit into a formula and even Einstein needed to leave out the spirit to come up with its famous formula E=MC2.

But as more scientist are exploring the realm of Quantum Physics they are finding out that without the spirit and consciousness they are not really getting along with their exploration. One of their biggest discovery is the state of an electron in a superposition.

You may know that in computers the information is saved in memory chips. A single computer memory can hold either the information 0 or 1 – not both. Either electricity flows or it doesn’t . Either the lamp is on or it is off. But in quantum physics you find that in certain circumstances the light is on and off at the same time! From our understanding of ‘reality’ this is not possible at all. And this has to do with another concept that we have adapted – time.

If you take the time factor into the equation you find out that with time the light can be on and off, just not at the same time. A good example is an old radio. When you tune into a station you have to calibrate to a certain frequency. You can tune into another station but you cannot hear both stations at the same time. But you know that both radio stations are sending their program at the same time. Our consciousness state is most of the time limited to receive signals in sequence rather than parallel.

Flipping the Coin – A Quantum Experiment

Let me give you another example, in which things get even more strange. Let’s assume you want to flip a coin to decide weather you go to the movies or not. You take a coin and you know already that there are 2 possible outcomes. Either you end up with head or with tale.

Now you start flipping the coin…

What you just did is creating the possibilities of two new time lines, if you like you could also say the possibilities of two new futures. In one future you are going to the movies and in the other you don’t. Remember the movie “Back to the Future’?

The coin lands in your hand…

Now let as further assume that you won’t look at your hand, where you are holding the coin. The future is already created as the result of the flipped coin in your hand. But, by not looking at it you are still in the twilight zone and both outcomes are still unknown. So obviously it doesn’t matter on what side the coin falls as long as you don’t have the information of it.

Now open your eyes and look at the coin…

Either it is on tales or on heads and it this moment ‘you’ made your choice. And by making your choice you decided to go on this time line. What about the other time line? It still exists in a parallel universe and you are in there as well. You just focused your attention on one of the universes by making a decision. Well, we are back at the duality where we have to decide for one possible outcome.

What happens if we don’t decide? It’s a rather difficult task for the mind and it needs some training, but you are able not to decide and to have your attention in a consciousness superposition where both worlds are present at the same time. Does this mean you are going to the movie and the same time you are not? Obviously our mind cannot grasp this idea.

Time Does not Exist in a Quantum Superposition

Have you ever experienced that you looked at a watch with a second tale and it seemed to freeze? If you have, you were in a consciousness state of a Quantum superposition. But what mostly happens is that as soon as you realize it is not moving it starts moving. In the moment you realize this strange state you are out of it. Your attention cannot be in the superposition. However with a little training you are able to expand in this state as ‘long’ as you wish.

Where does this all lead us? It has a lot to do with being in a creative state of mind and connected to higher form of consciousness. It’s like a radio program that you can suddenly hear, that covers a complete new topic which you could not hear before.

A creative response to live is faster than any decision you can make up. Decisions are based on experiences from the past. It’s like running a computer analysis and wait until the result shows up. But the result is always based on the past and never on the experience of the moment. Therefore always limited.

Sometimes in our life we are at moments where it seems to us that we have to decide which way to go. I am talking about one of life’s major decisions.

Next time this happens you may allow yourself to have a creative response to it instead of looking up data from the past. Meaning to allow your consciousness to be in a superposition instead of looking up data from the past to process a decision.