Land Expansion – Conservation of Our Surroundings

by Paul Robear


After our recent announcement of our land expansion, several people have asked if there was a map to better show the location. So I have added a map below. Thank you for your support!

At our recent Board of Director meeting we all hiked down to the new land for a blessings ceremony to embrace the Spirits.  It is absolutely beautiful!

Our Mission
One aspect of the Cuyamungue Institute’s mission statement is preserving the land of the Institute as an environmental and spiritual sanctuary.  Every decision Felicitas made included balancing the teaching of the ritual postures at CI while protect the delicate resources of the land.  Over the last few years we have been putting a significant effort into the maintaining, upgrading and adding to our facilities here at the Cuyamungue Institute.  These facilities have supported hundreds of workshops and thousands of students over the years and we are committed to protect, maintain, and expand this magical gathering place now and for the future.

A significant development has been in the works for the last few years. We were offered the opportunity to extend our land stewardship through the acquisition of neighboring acreage that is contiguous to the original 280 acres of the Institute land purchased by Felicitas in 1964.

We now have the great privilege to announce that we have added two parcels of beautiful land totaling over 192 acres. So this means we have expanded the land of the Cuyamungue Institute to over 470 acres! The above banner is a recent photo taken of this additional land.

Of course, this undertaking and acquisition was inspired by the original vision of Felicitas. So we have a embraced our role to assist in the conservation of the surrounding area by adding this land. This purchase will prevent development, or significant changes to the land that surrounds us and leaves it in it’s natural magnificent beauty.

Here is the amazing part of the story and the reason we are able to even consider a land purchase. These two parcels were purchased in 1964 about the same time as Felicitas bought her land. Being land locked the owners felt there is little they can do with it. When asked about price, they generously only want to recover the purchase price – from 50 years ago!

Land Conservation Fund
To begin, we contacted a few major donors from the past and they were thrilled to help us secure the land. However we are not done. If you would like to contribute to the purchase of this land, we have a set-up a Land Conservation Fund and any donations of any size matters. Regardless of the amount, we understand giving requires some level of sacrifice on your part. Every donation makes a difference and collectively, all of our donations impact our community in a significant way.  Land Conservation Fund

Map and Location