Megalithic Domes of Sedona

by Laura Lee

Our Home in Sedona is ten domes in a circle. Our dedicated Sanctuary Dome is finally ready for passage to the AR! Wish you all were here to join in on its inauguration. We felt the Spirits bless this place as we set up our ritual tools here this morning.

In the meantime take a sneak peek at the gathering space we’ve prepared in our Sanctuary Dome. It’s rewarding to see it finally come together. This is our second largest dome, about 28 feet diameter and 20 feet high.

We’ve installed benches that can seat approx 25 comfortably, you will have plenty of elbow room 😉 Below is a quick video clip and a couple pics. It is difficult to fully capture the space with a camera — or the acoustics, which you’ll love!

We find that Sedona is the perfect compliment to Santa fe and will assist us to strengthen the support for the work of CI year round. For those not familiar with our Sedona home see – much more to share in this in the future.

We have began with the Bear Posture, just as this work had begun, and for much needed balancing and healing. We figure a posture a day here, with all this free time, will start to infuse and enliven the space energetically, along with prayers for our collective healing, on all levels. The acoustics add a magical element, and with these tall arching walls that reach overhead to envelope us, we feel especially linked to those ancestors who conducted their rituals in caves, our first cathedrals. And so, we await your arrival — hopefully soon!