Mind Of The Universe

A POEM by Subrat Rath

Thinking of the mind of the universe I was merging in serenity and tranquility.
Universe has its own mind and it is controlling the stars,moon,sun and the galaxies.
Moving with the mind of the universe I was working with vigor and zeal.
Merging in the universal mind I was developing tremendous powers within.

With courage and confidence I was walking on the path of life.
Imbibing the universal powers I was merging in peace and bliss.
Looking to my surroundings I was getting the essence of the universal mind.
The universal mind was becoming my friend, philosopher and guide.

I  was advancing on the path of life getting all instructions from the universal mind.
I was forgetting all my sorrows,anxieties, agonies and grief.
My little mind was expanding and across the universe was pervading.
Pervading the entire universe I was forgetting the worldly miseries.

Remaining above the worldly chaos and conflicts in a beautiful manner I was loving the universal mind.
Amidst intense activities I was getting a safe place in the universe.
Mind was becoming pure, subtle and concentrated and life was becoming sublime.
As the universal mind was giving me much joy and happiness I was smoothly overcoming the challenges of life.

Since childhood I was acquainted with the universal mind.
I was enjoying the stars, moon, sun and the galaxies with vigor and zeal.
Loving the things and beings of the universe I was preparing my studies.
In my college days the universe was my companion protecting me from many dangers of life.

I was seeing the presence of the Lord in the universal mind in my mid fifties.
As I was advancing on the path of life the universal mind was helping me to overcome the adverse winds.
Forgetting my loneliness I was coming closer to the universal mind.
The universe was whispering in my ears the secrets of life.

According to the mind of the universe I was managing the things and beings.
Learning the techniques of management I was advancing on the path with vigor and zeal.
Imbibing the powers of that mind I was forgetting my anxieties and worries.
The mind of the universe was slowly entering my brain,body and mind.

Under the stars filled sky and the full moon I was studying the universal mind.
Merging in total curiosity I was trying to catch a glimpse of it.
Even if I fail in my mind the whole universal mind was behind me.
My mind is a part of the universal mind.

Thinking of the universal mind I was feeling closer to the Lord and was forgetting all my worries.
Loving the Lord and singing His glories I was sleeping inside the slumber of the night.
I was dreaming the whole universe in my small mind.
Pervading the entire universe I was observing the movement of the things and beings.

As the things and beings were seeming luminous and bright I was forgetting all the worldly miseries.
I was waking up in the dawn afresh and alive.
Looking to the smooth and bright sun I was being rejuvenated and refreshed in my brain,body and mind.
Seeing the mind of the universe within me I was moving to the battle field.

With extraordinary powers I was winning the battle of life.
I was imbibing the universal mind fulfilling my hopes and dreams.
The mind of the universe would help me till the last breath of my life.
Merging in that mind in a better manner I was serving my family,organization and society.

I was learning discipline in life from the universal mind.
Being disciplined I was making all my thoughts perfectly tuned.
With a beautiful mindset I was merging in peace and bliss.
I was managing my life and the lives of others learning many things from the universal mind.