Movie Review: Shift of the Ages – A Story and Film For Our Times

by Sara Martin

Yesterday in the wee hours of early morning I couldn’t sleep. I lay in bed for awhile, trying to tempt sleep back but it wasn’t interested in me. Eventually I just got up, thinking about getting an early start on my Never Ending To Do List. After making my customary maté latte I shuffled to my desk and began going through emails and then I remembered that I had been meaning to watch this film-Shift of the Ages– but just hadn’t found the time. So, now was a perfect time. No one else was up and I wouldn’t be bothered. I had been keeping up with the progress of the making of this film for several years and was eagerly awaiting its release. And may I simply say thateveryone needs to see this. Yes, I know, there is a plethora of high-quality movies out there that deserve viewing, but this one stands apart in that it truly applies to everyone alive on this planet at this time, and therefore needs to be seen by as many people as possible.

This film is the poignant but ultimately uplifting story of the Mayan people and specifically their elected Grand Elder Grandfather Cirilo Perez Oxlaj or Wakatel Utiw, which means Wandering Wolf in his native language. He tells us that his mission is to unite all our conscious brothers and sisters, because we now live in a confused world, full of wars, decimation of the natural world, the devaluation of human life, and all the other ills with which we’re too familiar.

The controversial December 21, 2012 end date of one of the Mayan calendars – the Long Count- is really a change in ages, or the beginning of a new cycle of time. The Mayans do not view time linearly as we do and they do not acknowledge this date specifically as the end of the calender either, as this is the date estimated by non-Mayan scholars to be the end of the Long Count. For the Maya time is perceived as cyclical and spiral and they always live in the present- the Now. Additionally, the Long Count isn’t the most important calender the Mayans use. The Tzolkin, or Cholq’ij, the Sacred Day calender, fulfills that duty and is passed down orally by the Mayan Daykeepers. Go here to see an example.

“The Sacred Calendar has 20 day signs which they refer to as Day Lords, displayed on a wheel. 20 is a sacred number to the Maya, representing our 10 fingers and 10 toes. This wheel connects with an inner wheel of 13 numbers, which represent 13 different archetypal energies. While this may seem rather esoteric, scientists have discovered that this Sacred Calendar is based on the Golden Ratio, Phi; the calendar itself looks like a spiral, just like a seashell, sunflower or the Milky Way galaxy form this shape in relation to Phi.” (from

So- this is the time of the shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun. It is said that between the Suns there will be a time of 60-70 hours of darkness, and with the emergence of the new Sun, will also emerge a new human consciousness. It is also the ending of a 500-year dark night for the indigenous peoples of North and South America and an awakening- a spiritual springtime- for all peoples. Part of this particular prophesy is that of the Eagle and the Condor and is shared in the film.

Please go to Shift of the Ages to learn the real story of the Maya and the worldwide blossoming of human consciousness that is happening NOW. The film is streaming free until January 15! Find them on Facebook and Twitter too. And spread this vitally important message everywhere you can. Help Tata- “Grandfather” affectionately in the Mayan language- get his message out.

Some thoughts…
I had a flash of insight during the film while learning about how the Eagle, which is thought of as representing the North American indigenous peoples and has a very masculine energy, and the Condor, representing the South American indigenous peoples, with its softer, more feminine energy, correspond to the mind and the heart, respectively. When the Europeans arrived and subsequently began the conquering, colonization and genocide of the people living here, the Eagle’s and Condor’s union was shattered. Now is the time for them to be reunited, and interestingly, the Maya, who are directly in the center of North and South America, are acting as the voice calling for awakening and unifying. The Maya, and Wandering Wolf, are the throat chakra of the New World. They are speaking the truth and putting out the call for all people everywhere to wake up. They are uniting the head and the heart. This is a direct reflection of what is-and desperately needs to- happen within humanity. We are living mostly, if not all, in our heads. We have ignored the intelligence of the heart for too long. Uncovering and speaking profound spiritual truths can bring these together and empower the entire being. This is seen in the chakra system of the body as well. When we learn to bring our heads into balance with our hearts, our truth can be expressed through our voices. But- “the longest road you’ll ever have to walk is from your mind to your heart.”. I hope you have your walking boots on- vamanos!!

(Hmmm… throat chakra color is blue. Stones corresponding to the throat chakra: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, aquamarine, lapis… maybe creating a nice collection of choker necklaces to strengthen the throat chakra is in my future).

Blessings of Love and Infinite Peace in this Season of the Returning Light,

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