Nancy Maryboy – Cosmic Serpent

Nancy C. Maryboy, Ph.D. is the President and Founder of the Indigenous Education Institute, a non profit organization with a mission of preserving, protecting and applying indigenous knowledge. She is also President of Wohali Productions, Inc., consulting in areas of indigenous science, indigenous astronomy, Native American education, curriculum development, film making and strategic planning. She is currently working to develop native astronomy educational materials with the World Hope Foundation and the Sun/Earth Connection of NASA. She is adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, where she is developing an Internet based course of Native American Astronomy. She is a core member of the Native American Academy, working at the boundaries of traditional indigenous and western science. Her current work is centered around the recovery of indigenous astronomies and how that knowledge can be used in educational settings today, primarily for the benefit of native students. She gives national and international presentations on the juxtaposition of native knowledge, quantum consciousness, western science and the protocols of conducting indigenous research. She was a faculty member and administrator at Dine College, the Navajo Tribal College, for 13 years. She was Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, and Vice Principal, at a K-12 school district on the Navajo Nation for 3 years. She has developed and taught courses in indigenous philosophy in curriculum for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She currently holds an Arizona Secondary teaching certificate and an Arizona Principal certificate. Dr. Maryboy received her Ph.D. in Integral Studies with a focus on Indigenous Science, from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is Cherokee/Navajo and lives in Bluff, Utah in the Four Corners area. She comes from a family of traditional and medical healers. She has two children and one granddaughter.