Riding the Wind

by Ashutosh

I first came to know about Felicitas Goodman in Graham Hancock’s absorbing book ‘Supernatural’ where he mentioned that she had referred to the inclination angle of 37 degrees in cave paintings and Egyptian art. I ordered ‘Where The Spirits Ride the Wind’ and was completely absorbed by her discovery of the ‘hardwiring’ of postures linking us to the spirit world. I was keen on two postures, the healing in Plate-1 and Divination in Plate 15. I tried both with amazing results.

Healing – I used the Bear posture for the first time on 03 Oct 2011 at around 1340 hrs in the afternoon. The intention was to reduce an excruciating lower back pain that refused to go away. Needless to say I’d tried everything else – physiotherapy, vibration medicine which gave temporary respite and the usual collection of healing creams and oils. The Bear posture produced results immediately. I felt ‘lighter’ withiin seconds, felt the ‘Bear’ lifting me upward, almost came to my toes while the pain diminished in stages. Eventually the sharp-knifelike feeling was replaced by a dull throb to remind me it was not an illusion. But the pain was gone. I have used it many times since, even for bed-ridden friends with astonishing results.

Divination – The Tenessee Diviner – This gets weirder and weirder ……….. I tried the postures without the slightest sense of belief. I was transported to the Spirit world where the words ‘Zapotec’ and ‘Sioux’ kept inserting themselves into my memory. A warrior with a feather colored red, white and black appeared bathed in white light. I googled Sioux and saw the colours were really those of the Native Americans but I had neither heard of them or studied anything about ‘Zapotec’. The second time I was in a cave surrounded by ‘green eyes’, eventually a single jaguar appeared and guided me out of a cave. The third instance it was a white Polar Bear trying to communicate, I saw some of them ‘ice fishing’…. The name of a place – ‘Alaska’ blinked on and off. A young crewcut marine showed up in the white snow and I felt it was him………………

The divination posture while lying down produced kaleidoscopic images and whole ‘reels of film’ breathtaking in their intensity. It bacame a favorite and I could not wait to get into that posture everyday…………… Strangely, none of the ‘dreams’ , though ‘live’ made any sense to me at all. I ordered Belinda Gore’s book where the CD-ROM audio made it easier to slip on and off. I was used to fingers running up my spine while attempting the postures and thehair at the back of my neck standing on end. Eventually I stopped documenting everything but went along with the flow.

All of the above finally made sense when I read and re-read Sylvia Browne’s ‘Life on the Other Side – A Psychic’s Tour of the Afterlife’…. Felicitas had found the key but Sylvia explained it all with her description of ‘Astral Travel’ . I believe this was what was happening while I flitted in and out of various settings of Time and Space.

The entire experience has helped me become more at peace with myself, more tolerant and more relaxed. Thank you Felicitas and Belinda for a wonderful rollercoaster ride to the top and Sylvia to have made sense of it all………………….

Life, Light and Love


My name is Ashutosh, and an MBA working as an IT Executive in New Delhi, India