Directors Laura Lee & Paul Robear are visioneering and guiding the unfoldment of this work and continuing research on several fronts. Here is their report:

Engaging our Community:  Online, we host and record regular live, ongoing Zoom sessions. These include experiential sessions in our practice, a monthly roundtable discussion with members, and we teach an in-depth course for those wanting to facilitate their own group sessions. We also host on-site, in person workshops for a deep dive into our practice, and we present and facilitate sessions in our practice in many other venues.

Special Projects with our Advisors: These projects range from building a cross-comparative database of our practice’s experiential highlights, writing and publishing books, articles, and academic research papers, creating a museum exhibit on our work, and reaching out to fellow change makers.   Advisor Collaborations

Expanding our Research through Interviews: Conversation4Exploration is our interview series over Zoom, later posted to our Youtube channel. Here, we dialog with a wide range of researchers from the leading edge of the arts and sciences in related fields, from psychology and well-being, human flourishing, neurology, art, archaeology, anthropology, mythology, and more. We explore new ideas, broaden our understanding of one another, our world, and our place in it, while expanding our community. Conversation4Exploration videos

We connect with our community and the general public through both online and in-person events. Our Online Presence Includes:

CI Website  The CI website continues to grow with now over 500 pages to learn more about what we do, register for our events, sign up for our monthly newsletter, purchase downloads of the audio component to our posture work, donate, and more.

CI Monthly Newsletter:  Emailed to 4,5000 subscribers with the latest news, events, articles, and media postings.

Media Appearances:
Paul and Laura have been guests on several podcasts, talking about our work with CI. These are posted at

Weekly & Monthly Zoom Gatherings: Paul and Laura have hosted, to date, over 700 two-hour Zoom sessions since April 2020 in response to the pandemic. These Zoom gatherings are currently free and open registration is posted at These online gatherings include —

  • Experiential Ritual Posture Sessions (weekly) Paul and Laura lead the Ritual Body Posture ritual. After we all journal our experiences, we go around the circle and share them as a community.
  • Community Leaders Roundtable (monthly) The CI advanced community gathers to share ideas, observations, and comment on both a topic agenda, and an open forum.
  • Community Host/ Facilitator Program: Paul and Laura teach this online course that includes live monthly Zoom meetings, at- your-own-pace text, videos, podcasts, writing and speaking assignments, and more. In 2023 this course was attended by 30 participants from the US, Canada, and 12 countries. Cuyamungue Institute will soon have CI certified hosts leading groups in this work in France, Ireland, England, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria, Singapore, Australia and Canada.
  • Conversation4Exploration Interview Series (weekly) As an educational and research institution, Laura and Paul interview researchers to further our understanding of our world and discuss the implications of the latest discoveries and theories in neuroscience, anthropology, archeology, archaeoastronomy, eco-spirituality, ecology, philosophy, psychology, mythology, shamanism, ritual, the heroes journey, the roots of theatre, deep history, art history and more. Conversation4Exploration videos

CI Media Channels


Since 2000, Laura and Paul have hosted workshops devoted exclusively to the work of CI, and additionally, half-day talks and experiential sessions within the conferences of others, adapted to the circumstances and the participants. They have taken their in-person half-day, full-day, and multi-day talks and workshops around the world, to a variety of venues — CI’s Santa Fe facility,  conference rooms, university classrooms, living rooms, museums, sacred sites, and a neurolab, where they have introduced this work to over 7,500 people thus far. 

Conferences and Workshops: From 2000 to 2010, Laura and Paul facilitated CI workshops primarily in Seattle. In the summer seasons of 2011 to 2019, they hosted a series of Five-Day and One-Day Workshops at the Cuyamungue Institute Santa Fe Facility. At the onset of the pandemic, they took to Zoom to continue hosting educational and experiential sessions in this practice. Over the last few years, Laura and Paul have hosted and presented on the work of CI at gatherings around the world.

  • 2024 July: Whidbey Institute, New Cosmic Story Weekend Event, Whidbey Island, WA
  • 2024 June: Mago Academy Conference
  • 2024 May: CI Spring Rites 5-Day Workshop, Sedona AZ
  • 2024 April: Anthropology of Consciousness 41st Annual Conference, “Into Darkness, Into LIght”, St. Louis, MO
  • 2024 February: Guest Speaker at Dr. Chris Van Pool’s Graduate and Undergraduate Classes, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO
  • 2024 February: EEG tests of Ritual Postures at the University of Missouri Cognitive Neuroscience Systems (CNS) Core Facility
  • 2023 September: CI Equinox Earth Honoring 5-Day Workshop, Sedona AZ
  • 2023 June: 5-Day Workshop for Advisors at CI HQ Santa Fe, NM
  • 2021 August: Presentation for Donors in Friday Harbor, WA
  • 2019 September: Presentation for small group at Les Eyzies, France
  • 2019 September: Presentation for small groups in Malta and London
  • 2017 March: Panel Discussion with Quai Branly Museum Curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
  • 2017 March: Performance of Ritual as Choreographed Performance Piece for Art Exhibit on CI at Palais De Tokyo, Paris
  • 2017 February: One-Day Workshop as Special Project for Prof Mel O’Callahan’s Class of 100, Parsons Paris, Paris, France
  • 2017 February: Half-Day Workshop for Curators at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
  • 2017 March: Half-Day Workshop, Munich, Germany
  • 2015 October: 3 Half-Day Workshops in and around Sydney, Australia
  • 2014 July: Collaborative Events with Sound Healers in Santa Fe and Colorado
  • 2012 July: Biofeedback Tests on Ritual Postures, conducted by board members of the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine of Colorado

Dr. Felicitas D Goodman’s archives housed at CI include her intellectual property, published and unpublished books and materials, photos, articles she published in academic and general publications, recordings from her field work, correspondence, and more. A portion of Goodman’s archives are also housed at the University of Ohio, where Goodman earned her PhD in anthropology.

Laura Lee and Paul Robear’s Contributions to CI’s Archives
While Laura and Paul are working to digitize Goodman’s collections, they are also adding extensive and important materials for current and future research. These materials include:

  • Video recordings and transcripts of all Zoom Sessions since April 2020
  • Photo archives of Ancient Artifacts used in our work
  • Over 20 hours recordings of audio interviews with Dr. Goodman
  • Handwritten Journals from 23 years hosting experiential sessions
  • Manuals and Videos of their teaching this work
  • Testimonials, Interviews, Correspondence with the CI Community
  • Articles on various aspects of this work and research