Posture Exploration & Verification

As Advanced Practitioners we welcome you to join us in the process of posture verification.  It is exciting to follow the clues! We are responsibility at the Cuyamungue Institute to maintain the standard of posture verification established by Dr. Felicitas Goodman. This is the very heart of the work of Dr. Goodman in which we have been entrusted to maintain; a database of postures that meet the criteria. We will review the guidelines as we begin.  Again, we not only welcome you to join us but are grateful for your particpation!

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We have found postures seem to be enhanced by props – this one does have a specific option if you would like to create one.

***  Here is instructions for making a prop

*** While props are not necessary, It has been our experience and many participants report that they felt the prop did enhance the experience.

Date: May 13, 2020
Topic: Ecstatic Trance Posture – Exploratory Posture for Advanced Practitioners

  • 9am Pacific
  • 10am Mountain
  • 11am Central
  • 12 noon Eastern
  • 5pm England
  • 6pm Germany
  • 7pm Israel



““Exploratory Postures” should not be published or shared with the general public in any books, magazines, videos, or any form of media, in any way that associates or suggests “Exploratory Postures” as being aligned with the verified work of the CI . This necessarily excludes any Certified Instructors from using their association with the CI to present postures which have not followed the protcol of the Verified Postures. Poor experiences from non-verified postures weakens our database and our teaching so we must be diligent.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to strengthening the database of postures. Quality is our goal not quantity.  Should you additional question about posture verification please contact the Board of Directors.