Coast Salish Native Art – Guests: Rande Cook, Native Artist & Lee Brooks, Gallery Curator

The power and spirit of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest has a long, deep history, and continues today. Tribes in British Columbia, Alaska, Washington and Oregon each have their own history, culture and religious traditions, represented in their art, stories, songs and dances. Lee Brooks, curator of Arctic Raven Gallery has long championed Native art and artists, and brings Rande Cook to share the iconography and deep meaning and history of his art and Kwakwa-kawauk culture. The traditional carvings and sculpture of wood, stone, bone, shell from many native artists have enduring appeal, and find new expression in modern materials. Rande says “Growing up, I observed and discussed the traditional art forms with my grandfather. Through my grandparents, I learned about the values of life and culture, responsibilities of being a chief, and the importance of being a strong leader for my people. In addition, I am passionate about being a father, a partner, and being involved in the well-being of my community and Mother Earth.”

Hosted by Laura Lee and Paul Robear. Conversation4Exploration, Conversation 4 Exploration, Conversation for Exploration, Cuyamungue: Felicitas D. Goodman Institute, The Laura Lee Show