Colors in Motion: Exploring Immersive Transcendence – Linda DeHart & Christopher Graefe

When living at a pace that Nature did not design us for, it’s therapeutic to take a break. Our guests offer a means to do so, by “breaking patterns of hyper-arousal by offering experiences that are calibrated to switch the brain’s activity to the relax mode of the parasympathetic system.” And the delivery system is surprisingly simple — as Nature designed. A slower beat, in a free-form pattern of notes, and a mosaic of abstract color and light, in motion. Abstract, to further remove us from our day to day world, and motion, to take us on a journey.

The “open-eyed meditation” of Colors in Motion Touchstones, created and curated by artists Linda DeHart and Christopher G is a celebration of light, sound, color, and flow, delivered on large and small screens. It shares much in common with the visionary journeys of our practice, on the “inner screen”!

Their immersive combo of art and music are enjoyed by a variety of audiences and venues: individuals and groups seeking deep contemplation, in person or online, architectural spaces designed for calm and healing, symposiums exploring the therapeutic power of art. Dozens of hospitals and hospices have licensed Colors in Motion Touchstones. It works to consciously synchronize rich levels of visual abstraction, color, and sound through a slowly-transforming cadence that invites a dance between the hemispheres of the brain. When watching and listening, frame by frame, note by note, the mind and body gently release into a flow state of resonant calm. Join us

This is part of of ongoing series where we explore a wide variety of disciplines and research with scholars in related fields to help broaden the scope of our work and exploration. That is why we call it Conversation 4 Exploration.