Common Sense Spirituality: An Embodied Way of Being – Frank Ferrante

Back by popular demand: With warmth, humor, playfulness, Frank Ferrante has much more to share on righting our path, personally and collectively. His common sense approach is not about transcending our humanness, rather, the goal is finding meaning and spirituality within our imperfect daily lives. “I got lost while I was looking for myself. I had become adept at exercising my will in order to negate my will.’ he says. Find himself, he did, and now as a recovery counselor, he draws upon his personal lessons to support others on the most difficult passages of their journey. Frank says he finds prayer “not a petition, but a summoning of the Divine within”. Forgiving others led to forgiving himself, and his shadow side. We will compare notes on the Lived Wisdom of Life — and the lessons we see, over and over again, arise from our experiential Ritual Body Ecstatic Trance Posture sessions: The continuing cycle of life, death, and rebirth… All of life is sacred …. The boundaries are permeable … and more.

Frank Ferrante, author of the book and featured in a film of the same title, May I Be Frank shares just one pivotal part of his life from obesity and drug addiction to health and happiness, finding the love, redemption, and transformation he long sought.